Hearthstone channels found-footage horror and announces the newest expansion -- The Witchwood!



In probably the most unfortunate YouTube thumbnail the Hearthstone team has ever chosen, the announcement for The Witchwood was revealed just moments ago.  Like something out of the Blair Witch Project, Hearthstone Developers traveled into the woods, finding new horrors (and cards) at every turn.

So far, three new mechanics were revealed. Echo, allows you to play as many copies of that card as you want during a turn, meaning if you had 9 mana, you could play three copies of Phantom Militia.

Rush is an alternate version of Charge, meaning the minion can attack the moment it is played, but only if it's target is a minion.

And the last mechanic seems tied to Worgens. Their shapeshifting lore causes cards to swap their attack and health every turn it is in your hand -- this means players can wait until the right moment to play their minions.

Time to collect your dust, this expansion looks like it will be home to some seriously powerful cards! The "Start of Game" cards aren't necessary "new" mechanics, but do show that the Hearthstone team is continuing the trend of rewarding specific deck-building decisions.


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