KSV CoreJJ on Championship Skins: "The quality of the skins is REALLY good that I think even non-fans will purchase them"

On the 10th of March, at the Sangam eStadium, the 34th day of the 2018 LCK Spring Split took place. On the 2nd series of the day, KSV pulled off a reverse sweep to defeat KT with a score of 2-1. During the series, CoreJJ made up for his mistakes in game 1 by effectively protecting his team in games 2 and 3.

The following is the post-match interview of CoreJJ.

How do you feel taking down the 2nd placed team in the LCK, KT, and securing your 8th win this split?

Winning our last series gave me the feeling that we escaped from the chance of having to play in the Promotion games. 

You guys had helplessly lost in game 1. What was the reason?

We were initially planning to draw out the game. But I made a mistake. I engaged on the enemy Leona and expected my entire team to back off. But the enemy team chased us down, and we took the toll.

Game 2 was very close. You guys endured through the tough moment and won in the end.

We had a very bad start. I thought that we had to give up Baron, but a shotcall was made that we can stop them because of Vel'Koz's long range. Thanks to Vel'Koz taking the enemies' aggression, we were able to make the fight play in our favor.

What kind of conversations went back and forth when you guys were in that tough situation?

We had to have used Gnar in a better way. When a possible comeback could've happened against us, I told the team to forget about all of our advantages and play with a mindset of starting over from the beginning.

You guys played a very solid team composition in game 3, a type of composition that KSV is well-known for. Please tell us about it.

The enemy played a composition that specialized in singling out players. On the other hand, we played a composition that had a strong teamfighting capability. Therefore, all we had to do was stick together. In game 3, we needed to find the timing to stick together. Thankfully, we won a teamfight near dragon, and it gave us the opportunity to start moving as a team.

Your team has a bad record against the other top teams of the LCK.

We still have a lot of teams that we need to beat. We still have to play against a lot of the top teams. For the Spring Split, depending on how we perform during those games, I think people will have rate KSV for its Spring Split performance.

Comparing the team now to the team last year, what's the status of KSV right now?

I think we're still at our 100%. But the other teams have grown 110% -- and even 120%. We have to put in more effort to catch up to these skillful teams.

The World Championship skins have been revealed. What're your opinions on them?

I've seen them all, and I think Ezreal and Gnar came out really good. The quality of the skins is so good that I think users who aren't even our fans will purchase them.

KSV was a team that was strong at dealing with tough situations. What're the chances of KSV winning the Spring Split?

I think it's possible for every PO team to win. So our first goal is to make playoffs, then we'll open up great games there.

Any last words?

It feels like the Split went by fast. 

When it's done, I want to be able to look back and be satisfied. I'll do my best during the remaining games.

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