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Dragon Slayer Awakening Weapon added to BDO - Like Dandelion, but easier to repair



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A new yellow Awakening weapon, Dragon Slayer, has been added to Black Desert Online. The Dragon Slayer Awakening weapon can only be obtained by crafting at Duvencrune 5th, and is very close to Dandelion in efficiency.


If you were to compare Dragon Slayer with Dandelion, it has the same max, although its minimum AP is lower by 2. The Enhancement Effects is an increase in All AP, which is not that different from Dandelion, so no big difference exists in efficiency between these 2 weapons. Also, Refined Remains of Black Energy, a new item added to BDO, can be used to repair the weapon durability apart from Memory Fragments, making it less of a hassle.

However, the drawback is that Dragon Slayer Awakening weapons cannot be traded using the marketplace. Even though it is comparably easier to repair the durability, the cost for enhancement (fail stacks and Black Stone) is fairly high, and you won’t be able to get back the silver you have invested on this weapon later since it cannot be traded.


▲ Dragon Slayer Awakening weapons differ from Dandelion in minimum AP, although it is easy to repair the durability.


▲ TET: Dragon Slayer can be enhanced and has an item effect just like Dandelion.


In order to obtain Dragon Slayer, you need 25 Hesed Crystals, 20 Dragon Slayer Weapon Blueprints, and Hugol’s Awakening weapon.

Hesed Crystals can be made by collecting Remains of Black Energy. You can make 1 Refined Remains of Black Energy with 25 Remains of Black Energy, and 1 Hesed Crystal with 11 Refined Remains of Black Energy. In the end, you’d need 6,875 Remains of Black Energy to make a Dragon Slayer Awakening weapon.

Dragon Slayer Awakening Weapon Blueprints can be obtained as a reward for repeated quest, ‘[Repeated] The Secrets for the Blueprint’. This quest can be obtained from the Blacksmith NPC, Hugol, in Duvencrun, the capital city of Drieghan. You can complete the quest by bringing 1 Beer, 5 Dark Beers, and 1 High-Quality Wine to Hugol.

The Beer needed for the quest can be cooked or bought off the marketplace, and both Dark Beer and High-Quality Wine can be bought from the ingredients vendor each for 1,000 silver and 100,000 silver.


▲ You can get the Dragon Slayer Weapon Blueprint Bundle by doing [Repeated] The Secrets for the Blueprint.


▲ Hesed Crystals can be obtained from Remains of Black Energy and Dragon Slayer Awakening Weapon Blueprint from the Blueprint Bundle.


Hugol’s Awakening weapon can be crafted in the level 2 Duvencrune Weapon Workshop, but it is not easy to craft since a variety of materials is needed. The materials are: 100 Adhesive Leather of Ferocious Energy, 75 Mysterious Abrasive, 150 Abyssal Brass Ingot, and 1 Dragon Slayer Awakening Weapon Blueprint.

Adhesive Leather of Ferocious Energy can be crafted by putting 4 Copper Ingots, 4 Bronze Ingots, and 2 Soft/Tough/Hard/Thin Hide through Simple Alchemy. Copper Ingots can be obtained by heating Copper Shards, and Bronze Ingots can be obtained by melting Copper Shards and Melted Tin Shards. As for the Hide, you can hunt animals to get their leather and process it.

Mysterious Abrasive can be processed by grinding 3 of the same types of Blood and 1 Metal Solvent. Blood can be obtained from the animals you hunted by using a Fluid Collector. Metal Solvent can be made in Alchemy, by processing 1 Clear Liquid Reagent, 4 Rough Stone, 3 Melted Iron Shard, and 2 Trace of Savagery together.

Abyssal Brass Ingots can be processed by Manufacturing 2 Brass Ingots, 10 Black Stone Powder, and 7 Trace of Savagery together. Brass Ingots can be obtained by heating Melted Copper Shards and Melted Zinc Shards together. You can obtain 5 Melted Copper Shards and 5 Zinc Shards from the Mineral Workbench.

★ Materials needed for crafting Hugol’s Awakening Weapon


▲ Hugol’s Awakening weapon is the main material for the Dragon Slayer and is not easy to craft.
▲ Mysterious Abrasive can be made with 3 of the same type of Blood and 1 Metal Solvent.
▲ Adhesive Leather of Ferocious Energy can be made with 4 Copper Ingots, 4 Bronze Ingots, and 2 Hides.
▲Abyssal Brass Ingot can be made with 2 Brass Ingots, 10 Black Stone Powder, and 7 Trace of Savagery.



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      yes, use it to craft dragon slayer weapon?

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      enhance blue awakened weapons

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    Will there be any pictures of the new Dragon Slayer weapons for all classes? Want to compare visual esthetics of the two end game awakening weapons side by side.

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      not now, too early for ppl to get enough blueprints

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