The Esports professionals speaking at the IGEC: Mark “Garvey” Candella, Mark Deppe, Nicola Piggott, Cayle Drabinsky


The opening lineup of the first Inven Global Esports Conference (IGEC) hosted by Inven Global has been announced.

There will be many key individuals of the Esports industry joining the conference, and the list is as follows:

Mark “Garvey” Candella, director for strategic partnerships at Twitch, a renowned internet streaming platform; Mark Deppe, Esports program director for the University of California, Irvine, the first US university that constructed an Esports arena on the campus; Nicola Piggott, CEO for The Story Mob, the first Esports communication consultant agency in the world; and Cayle Drabinsky, managing director for Bucks Gaming, a NBA 2K league team.

In addition to the aforementioned individuals, many other Esports experts will stand on the stage - Tae Won Yoon, general manager for Super Evil Megacorp; 3 CEOs of famous pro gaming teams; Yeon-sung “iloveoov” Choi, coach for Afreeca Freecs; Sangmyun “shy” Park, former pro gamer; and Min-ki “MadLife” Hong.

The IGEC is an Esports conference prepared by Inven Global, where eastern and western Esports professionals gather in one place and share their insight and knowledge about the Esports industry, in order to vitalize the industry and provide in-depth presentations regarding Esports. The slogan for this conference is “ESPORTS DEEP DIVE”; the IGEC aims to promote more professional and practical perspectives of the industry while fostering a new vision for Esports as a whole.

It has been predicted that Esports market revenue will expand by more than 26% by the year of 2026, substituting famous sports such as American football and baseball in North America. Although there are many Esports conferences in NA that satisfy the needs of the market, visitors have been expressing dissatisfaction over high costs and unprofessional speakers, and the need for a more sophisticated Esports conference in the region has been gradually increasing.

The IGEC is planned to provide more than 30 different presentations covering sophisticated and detailed topics by industry workers including Esports coaches, players, and league managers. A Premium Network Party will also take place after the conference, providing many business opportunities for Esports-related participants as they interact with each other and enter the global market.

The first IGEC is planned to take place at the UCI for one day from 10:00 to 17:00 on May 1st, and more details about presentations, ticket pricing, and relevant events will be updated on the IGEC homepage.


Mark “Garvey” Candella, Strategic Partnerships Director at Twitch
Mark Deppe, Acting Director of UCI Esports
▲ Nicola Piggott, Co-founder of The Story Mob
Cayle Drabinsky, Managing Director, Bucks Gaming (Milwaukee Bucks)

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