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Afreeca Freecs, Kingzone DragonX, and ROX Tigers Take Disciplinary Action Towards Aiming, Rascal, and SeongHwan


Afreeca Freecs, Kingzone DragonX, and ROX Tigers are set to take disciplinary action towards Aiming, Rascal, and SeongHwan respectively for their past behavior. 


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Aiming, who used to be a trainee for SKT T1, joined AFs in November of 2017 and performed beyond expectations in the 2018 LCK Spring Split. However, it was found that he had used profane words and phrasings that insulted a certain deceased -- a characteristic found among users of a certain website that the general public finds ethically incorrect. The same was revealed for Rascal and SeongHwan, and the three were penalized by the organization that they are affiliated with. 

AFs has stated that they will punish Aiming accordingly and give the entire AFs roster a lesson on culture and character. As for ROX and KZ, they have stated that they will give proper punishment to the two, SeongHwan and Rascal, and have them go through player-education once more. 

SeongHwan posted a hand-written apology note on his team's official Twitter page and have agreed to take any punishment that comes his way. 

▲ SeongHwan's Apology Note


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