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KT removes Chan-dong "Chance" Lee from roster due to boosting allegation and player misconduct


▲ Chan-dong "Chance" Lee (Source: KT Rolster Facebook page)

KT Rolster announced the removal of Chan-dong “Chance” Lee from the roster due to continued controversies surrounding the player.

It all started with a post [Korean] on the LoL Inven community on May 29th (local time), the day before the start of the LCK Summer Season. The poster, who claimed to be Chance’s friend, revealed a screenshot of a chat log with Chance.

According to the screenshot, Chance has participated in Elo boosting activities for other players, including the poster. Additionally, the poster alleges that Chance has been an active member of Ilbe Storehouse and made immoral remarks about specific regions and his parents. Ilbe is a website known for its radicalism with far-right political tendencies and has been involved in a plethora of controversies, resulting in both high attention and criticism.

A couple days ago, another poster brought up an allegation that Chance took part in abusing with multiple accounts, but it was largely disregarded due to insufficient evidence. As the Elo boosting scandal has brought forth concrete evidence, the previous claim involving abuse may gain a second wind. As such, Korean communities are actively discussing whether someone who has a hand in boosting and uses inappropriate, toxic language should be allowed to play as a pro despite Riot’s terms of service specifically prohibiting such behaviors.

KT has much riding on this issue, especially considering their LCK opening match today against Longzhu. In response, KT issued an official statement on its Facebook, expressing an apology and releasing Chance from the roster.

▲ KT Rolster announcing immediate removal of Chance as well as further investigation.

After Chance’s departure, it’s worth noting that KT will need a sixth player on the team to meet the 6-man roster requirement for Rift Rivals, and it remains to be seen who the sixth player will be.


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