The Day 1 Brigitte Tech You Need To Know (PTR)

It’s been 24 hours since Brigitte has been released on PTR and a wealth of information has already been discovered.


- Brigitte's got hops

Linepro found that Brigitte can perform a jumping shield bash on particular edges to gain massive vertical height.


Further in the thread, players have found jump spots on Eichenwalde as well.


It’s high enough to reach the space shuttle on Watchpoint: Gibraltar.


And this is only the beginning.  New Brigitte fans are sharing their jump finds in BrigitteRollouts.

It’s reasonable to be concerned that these trick jumps may be patched out.  However, it’s important to note that Moira’s fade jumps are still active, as are as Doomfist’s rocket punch jumps.


- An anti-dive option

Emongg shows that Brigitte is shaping up to be an excellent anti-dive support choice, as her Whip Shot slams Winston’s jump straight back to the ground.


In addition, she’s able to solo Tracer after landing a shield bash.

Even in a shield tank composition, Brigitte has synergy similar to Doomfist and Reinhardt, as she’s able to shield bash and whip shot an enemy Reinhardt to create an opening for a juicy Earthshatter.



Don’t just take Emongg’s word for it.  Boston Uprising seems to agree.



Many heroes are able to utilize animation canceling and Brigitte is no exception.  By canceling her follow-up melee swing with a quick barrier, you can perform repeated single melee swings which is much faster.

However, out of all the new tech found, this is the one that may see a patch.  In early versions of Overwatch, Reinhardt had a similar animation cancel which was eventually removed.

That being said, Brigitte's kit appears to be strong on its own,  with multiple OWL pros confirming the suspicion that her presence in the game signals the end of an era of uncontested dive compositions defining competitive play.

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