If you’re serious about playing Moira, you need to know about Fade jumps.

You may have been enjoying Moira's competitive debut like the majority of Overwatch fans, but have you been utilizing her biotic powers to the full extent? It's ok if you haven't because, on their own subReddit accurately titled MoiraRollouts, some 2,000 Moira fanatics have been discussing the best ways to maneuver the battleground and optimize Moira's mobility options.

And all of it rests on a unique property of Moira's fade ability. Due to the way it drastically increases Moira's move speed, it's possible to Fade into upwards angled slopes to gain a drastic boost in vertical distance traveled. Or, in other words, Fade allows Moira to jump really high!

Considering how important it is for Moira to position her Biotic Orbs, the ability to quickly maneuver around the map and leap high areas is extremely valuable. When it comes to resources on Fade jumping, this recent upload by KarQ is hands down the best you can find. Featuring over 100 different Fade practical fade jumps, it's the perfect primer for the aspiring Moira player looking to make full use of her mobility options:

Chill out, enjoy the music, and drift into these smooth Fade Jumps.


Is Fade Jumping here to stay?

The problem with discovering cool new tech in modern video games is that you never know when the developers might consider it an unintended glitch and decided to patch it out. Such was the case with a lot of Genji's mobility tricks (granted, it was getting a little out of hand).

For example, remember when Genji was able to do this?

If you don't remember, it's because Blizzard eventually patched it out of the game. If you look closely at what Genji is doing in the clip above, it is very similar to the way Moira uses the increased ground acceleration that Fade offers and, through the use of a slope, converts it to vertical acceleration. If Blizzard removed Genji's ability to do this, why not Moira's?

Some players are worried that practicing and growing dependent on this trick is a liability, as we still don't know whether or not Blizzard views Fade Jumping as a "working as intended" part of Fade or an exploit that needs to be fixed. In the meantime, it's relatively easy to learn (just Fade into medium sized obstacles) so have fun leaping around the battleground Winston-style while you can!

Still not sure how to Fade Jump? Here is a masterful explanation accompanied by equally impressive artwork detailing just why Fade Jumping is possible.

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