KT Mata: " I don’t really like the Samsung White skin because I didn’t perform well wearing it."

The difference between the 2nd and 10th team was large. On the 1st of March in the 2018 LCK Spring Split match between kt Rolster and Kongdoo Monster (KDM) was very one-sided. KT defeated KDM without much trouble and took a step away from Afreeca Freecs (3rd).

In the first game, KT displayed the difference in prowess during the laning phase. KT had Ezreal-Tahm Kench in their bottom lane against Xayah-Rakan. KT had the unfavorable combination but took the first blood instead. Meanwhile, KDM tried to take down Ucal, who was having his debut, but his performance didn’t fall behind Edge, being quite steady. KDM started panicking and allowed Smeb’s 1000th LCK career kill and crumbled down.

Game 2 went as KT wanted as well. They took down KDM’s ADC through ganks and took charge of the game. Afterwards, KT won each following teamfights. They dominated the map taking objectives and inhibitors and after winning a teamfight in mid lane, KT finished off KDM’s Nexus to seal their victory.

Today’s MVP was Mata, who is the owner of the Samsung White Thresh skin. He performed well using that skin, and was interviewed by OGN after the match.

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Q. You won 2-0 today. How do you feel?

We tried to counter the opponent’s attacks and it went well. I think that’s why we won without much trouble.

Q. KT’s bottom duo is getting good evaluations, especially Mata. What are your thoughts on that?

I’m concentrating on making saves this season, and apparently, that’s going well.

Q. In game 2, you saved Deft continuously with Thresh. How would you evaluate your own performance today?

I don’t know about game 1, but in game 2, Deft survived well through my lantern. I think that’s why I got MVP.

Q. Smeb had his 1,000th kill in his LCK career. Was he aware?

A few players were aiming for MVP. One was Smeb and the other was Ucal. After hitting 4 players with his ult, Ucal shouted “I’m MVP!” I’m kind of sorry that I got it. (Laughs)

Q. It was Ucal’s debut, was he nervous?

I thought that he would be nervous but he wasn’t that nervous. I believe that he’ll improve as he plays.

Q. Score was born in 1992, he’s the oldest in the LCK and Ucal (2001) is the youngest. Isn’t there a generation gap between them?

Ucal is very pleasant guy, and he gets along with all the other members very well. We call them the 92-01 project.

Q. You killed the enemy opponent with Tahm Kench’s tongue.

I wasn’t sure if my tongue was long enough, but luckily, it was.

Q. Do you make any special reactions if you get a kill?

I just say “Nice!” I did enjoy that kill more in game 1, because it felt like a free kill.

Q. KT’s plays are focused on the bottom lane often. Is there any pressure?

I think it seems like that because recently we focus more on the bottom lane. Even if we focus on the top or mid lane, they’ll play well. There’s no pressure on that. The only thing Deft and I worry about is how we can do better in the laning phase.

Q. What did you focus on in the picks and bans?

KDM is an aggressive team. We selected champions that are strong in the laning phase and ones that can counter their attacks.

Q. You used your own skin in game 2. Are you proud of it?

I haven’t played Thresh that much recently. I don’t really like the Samsung White skin because I didn’t perform well wearing it, but this time, I thought I might as well try.

Q. That skin was from Worlds 2014, which was held in Korea. This year, Worlds is held again in Korea. Don’t you want to become a champion again?

Well, I’m not greedy for the champion skin, but I want to get to Worlds because I wasn’t able to go last year.

Q. Any last comments?

There should be many fans that were disappointed or worried after we lost to ROX. We’ll do better with the new players and do our best, so please keep supporting us.

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