SKT Untara: "Keeping the thoughts in my head simple made me play better"

On the 24th of February, at the Seoul OGN eStadium, the 24th day of the 2018 LCK Spring Split took place. The first series of the day featured SKT T1 and ROX Tigers - to which SKT won with a score of 2-0. With today's win, SKT secured their 4th consecutive win and placed themselves 5th in the LCK standings. Untara, who has not seen play for quite some time, played Jax in game 1 and Gnar in game 2 and majorly contributed to his team's victory.

The following is Untara's interview after the series.


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It's been 20 days since you played on stage. How do you feel after taking that victory?

I was concerned because I couldn't perform as well as I had expected on stage. I was also counseled by our coaches. After looking for a solution to my problems, I started performing better in scrims. My improvements led me to play on stage today.

Were you psychologically pressured?

In some ways, I used to be a starter... but I played terribly. While looking at the replays of my old games, I asked, "how could I even play like that?" I couldn't shake off the thought, "I never play like that in scrims..."  

The psychological pressure was very, very big.

How did you prepare to play on stage while taking a break? Did you find a new method of practicing?

I practiced in the same way. The only thing that changed was my mentality. Back then, I used to think a lot while playing on stage. Now, I removed all unnecessary thoughts. If I'm ganked, I dodge it, but if it's irreversible, I simply die. If I get a chance to make a super play, I do it! 

Keeping the thoughts in my head simple made me play better.

How did you spend your holiday? [Lunar New Year]

I played a lot of different games at a PC Bang. I also played classic nostalgic games. I spent a comfortable holiday.

SKT is looking really good right now. If you win all your remaining games, you just might start the post-season from a high position.

It's best to win it all. Last Summer, we climbed up from the bottom. As long as we perform as expected, I think it'll be possible for us to reach the Finals, even if we start from a low place in the standings. 

Your next opponent is Afreeca Freecs. What kind of a game are you expecting?

AFs has been playing really well recently. We'll need to watch out and prepare more. We'll need to play better than today when facing them.

Thal has been playing as the starter for a while. Did that trouble you in any way?

Not really. I only feel troubled when I feel that I'm playing badly.

Any last words?

I feel like my laning phase today could've gone better. Had I played better in the laning phase, I think our team would've had an easier time taking the victory. I'll do my best to refine in that area.

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