SKT Bang on Improvements: "Coach Bengi personally gave me individual feedback on my ADC plays"

"We may slump from time to time, but we'll never fall!"

On the 24th of January, the 24th day of the 2018 LCK Spring Split took place. SKT T1 faced off against ROX Tigers. With speedy macro and powerful teamfights, SKT beat ROX with a score of 2-0. This is SKT's 4th consecutive win following their past losing streak. Using these victories, SKT is laying out the stepping stones to walk back up to being a top team. Untara, the player who had arguably been underperforming since last year, made an appearance today and performed beyond expectations.

In game 1, Bang and Wolf completely overwhelmed their opposition, utilizing the Kalista-Alistar combination. By winning every small to big teamfight, they finished the game without a single death. In the following game, ROX retaliated by swapping out their jungler and midlaner, but it proved futile as Untara made many outstanding plays and gave ROX no room to breathe.

The two players who won the MVP title for today's series, Bang and Untara, were invited for an interview with the casters.


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You've won your first game of Round 2! How do you feel?

Bang: I didn't know that today was the start of Round 2. Time is going by fast... LCK is so fun that I didn't realize time was passing by so quickly.

Today's victory must be meaningful to you.

Untara: I'm glad that we won. It worked out well.

It's been a while since you saw play. Were you nervous?

Untara: Instead of being nervous, I changed the way I think. By having a comfortable mentality, the game flowed better. 

Bang has been performing really well recently... you have the highest KDA in the league right now. What caused you to play so well all of a sudden?

Bang: My teammates call me a KDA player. (Laughs) When we were on our past losing streak, I couldn't show good form despite having a good KDA. High KDA doesn't mean that I played well or the enemy played bad. And so, I stopped paying attention to just numbers and thought of ways to improve myself. I don't put too much meaning into KDA.

If you don't put too much meaning into your KDA, what do you pay attention to?

Bang: As an ADC, probably KDA... (Laughs) It's a role that needs to stay alive no matter what. I have no choice but to put importance on it. 

Untara: I pay a lot of attention to 'damage dealt'.

In game 1, you engaged aggressively for a kill in the botlane. Was it all planned?

Bang: Before the game even started, I had a feeling that we'd have kill-potential after hitting level 3. But the enemy didn't give us an opening as much as I had thought. Last year, Deft-Mata used Kalista and Alistar and we died to it - Kalista flashed over Rakan's W and killed me. That's why I think Kalista-Alistar is a hard matchup to play against.

ROX picked Camille in game 1, and you guys responded by taking Jax. 

Untara: Through scrims and solo queue, I had won many times against Camille with Jax. He fits well into my playstyle. 

Did you pick the Hockey skin to commemorate the Olympic games?

Untara: No.

In game 1, Wolf too had played well. Did he perhaps expect an MVP title?

Bang: I'm not sure. But I did expect either Alistar or Kalista to receive the MVP title. 

Are you happy that you won the title instead of Wolf?

Bang: Of course. (Laughs)

In game 2, ROX swapped out their midlaner and jungler. Did that pressure you or your team in any way?

Untara: They didn't swap out their toplaner, so I didn't pay any special attention.

The enemy picked a unique pick in the form of Karma. Did that surprise you guys?

Untara: We didn't really talk too much about it. We just said, "oh, it's Karma," and didn't worry about it.

You probably received the MVP title for dodging a gank in toplane only to turn it around and secure 3 kills for your team. Can you explain what exactly happened up there?

Untara: I dodged Sejuani's "Q+Flash" and the 2nd hit of her W. At that point, I knew that I'd survive. My teammates were coming to back me up, and I knew that we'd win the fight if I go for it. 

You played more actively and frequently joined your team for fights. Have you been trying to improve in this area?

Untara: It wasn't something that I specifically aimed for. I just simply pushed my lane and joined my team whenever possible. It played out well since there was a fight every time I did leave my lane.

Very recently, SKT had finished their 10-man roster. How is the atmosphere at the teamhouse? Does it feel crowded?

Bang: We had a similar amount of members last year too. It doesn't feel crowded since everyone has a quiet personality... except for Untara. (Laughs) To be completely honest, I can't even hear the person next to me when I'm playing. 

Then how about when you need to shotcall?

Bang: It's only the case when I'm playing solo queue.

During your past losing streak, I have a feeling that the atmosphere surrounding the coaches were very dark as well. How were the coaches holding on?

Bang: That's a hard question. It's kind of odd for a player to talk about their coaches... The players were having a hard time, but so did our head coach. It's his first time taking such a role in the team, and in addition, we constantly lost games that we could've won. Problems constantly arose, and it gave him a difficult time to take care of them all.

As for the two coaches, they are both former players, so we received a lot of help from them. As for coach Bengi, he personally gave me individual feedback on my ADC plays. There were a lot of problems within the team, but the coaches professionally took care of it. It was a hard time, but I think it's passed now.

Any last words?

Untara: Uhm... We'll win our next game too.

Bang: To be honest, I didn't even know that today was a weekend day [Saturday]. My family came to cheer for me. I want to thank all the fans that always cheer for us - I hope you guys have a great weekend. We'll do our best to return to our next game strong. 

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