Zeroth Costume Set for Wizard released- become a dark wizard in medieval times!

Zeroth, a new costume set for the Wizard was released in Black Desert Online KR. Zeroth is a costume that features a long, black leather robe with metal plates and ornaments placed over it. The helmet is a circlet that goes around the head. With the smooth black leather texture, the costume displays a dark charm.


The Zeroth set comes with the Zeroth Armor, which fills the spaces for the armor, gloves, and shoes, and the Zeroth Helmet. There are no main, offhand, or awakening weapons for the Zeroth costume, and you can wear the pieces separately with other costume pieces to get the costume set bonus.


More BDO: BDO KR Patch Notes Feb 22nd: Guild Accessories added, Marketplace notification improvements

The names are temporary translations and will be changed once the official terms are released in English. 



▶ The Zeroth Set for the Wizard


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