BDO KR Patch Notes Feb 22nd: Guild Accessories added, Marketplace notification improvements



New Attendance Rewards Event
  -  From Feb 23th to Mar 29th
  -  New attendance rewards will include 2 Fine Accessory Boxes and 15 Shakatu’s Seals!

Calpheon University is looking for new students
  -  From Feb 23th to Mar 6th
  -  Complete the event quests in Calpheon University and receive a Bookshelf as a reward! 20 randomly selected players will receive the Glasses costume, and 5 randomly selected players will receive a Long-tailed Rosefinch pet as well.



Stamina consumption when sprinting in Awakening combat stance has decreased by 25% for all characters.

Fixed the graphical glitch that occured when the following characters are using Balenos/Mediah/Calpheon/Epheria Fishing Rod.
  -  Warrior, Ninja, Striker



Fixed an issue where Flow: Piercing Wind consumed more Stamina than intended.



Fixed an issue where the Sorceress could not jump attack after learning Absolute: Dark Split.

The Sorceress can now use Absolute: Dark Split immediately after switching to combat stance while moving forward in non-awakening non-combat stance.

The Sorceress can connect to the following skills more smoothly after Absolute: Dark Split.
  -  Sharp Nails, Rushing Crow, Darkness Released(Backward step), Shadow Riot, High Kick, Claws of Darkness III, Claws of Darkness IV

Fixed an issue where the Sorceress could not connect to Absolute: Dark Split after Claws of Darkness II and Absolute: Claws of Darkness.



When the Tamer kills a monster with the first hit of Tree Climb, the Tamer can move backward while airborne and land immediately after the kill.

Heilang: Trample can be locked.

Fixed an issue where the Tamer switched to non-awakening when using Legendary Beast’s Power in awakening stance on a geographically elevated spot.

Fixed an issue where the Tamer did not switch to non-awakening after using Legendary Beast’s Power-Bolt Wave combo with quick slots in awakening stance while not having Ultimate: Bolt Wave.

Fixed the text error in the skill description of Flow: Scatter Stance.



Fixed an issue where the cooldown of Flurry of Kicks was on after the Valkyrie uses Divine Power or Righteous Charge after Celestial Spear/Holy Spear.


[Wizard and Witch]

Fixed an issue where the Witch/Wizard did not consume any stamina when switching back and forth to non-combat and combat stance while sprinting in awakening mode.

Fixed an issue where Absolute: Concentrated Magic Arrow knocked down enemies during mounted combat.



Fixed the graphical glitch with the Wizard’s neck when he is looking at the camera.


[Ninja and Kunoichi]

Descriptions regarding preceding skills have been added for the skill descriptions of all Absolute skills.



Flow: Mach Explosion will have Forward Guard.



Fixed the animation glitch when the Striker is attacked while using Flow: Crosswind.

Fixed the animation glitch during landing when the Striker uses Flow: Crosswind above certain heights.

Heavy Fist during mounted combat will have more graphics.



Regular guild members can purchase the following items.
  -  [Guild] HP potion (small)
  -  [Guild] HP potion (medium)
  -  [Guild] HP potion (large)
  -  [Guild] HP potion (extra large)
  -  [Guild] HP potion (jumbo)
  -  [Guild] MP potion (small)
  -  [Guild] MP potion (medium)
  -  [Guild] MP potion (large)
  -  [Guild] MP potion (extra large)
  -  [Guild] MP potion (jumbo)
  -  [Guild] Fresh Orange Juice
  -  [Guild] Sweet Wild Berry Juice
  -  [Guild] Sour Green Grape Juice

Four Guild Accessories have been added to the Guild Shop.
  -  Red Monarch Ring
  -  Red Monarch Earring
  -  Red Monarch Belt
  -  Red Monarch Necklace
  -  The above items have a 15-day-duration. All members can purchase the items with Guild funds.
  -  You can only purchase the accessories when your Guild fund limit is bigger than the price of the accessories.
  -  The Ring, Earring, and Belt are 1 billion silver, and the Necklace is 2 billion silver.
  -  The stats are the same as TRI Crescent Ring, TRI Tungrad Earring, TRI Ogre Ring, and TRI Basilisk Belt.

Item description of Serendian Blacksmith has been edited to sound more natural.

Fixed an issue where information regarding transfused crystals were hidden from the items that are in quick slots.

Fixed an issue where you could still see the appearance of the items that have expired in the Pearl Shop and in the Knowledge menu.

The max/min price of a Pearl item that has been purchased less than 10 times in the Marketplace will not drop.

Fixed an issue where the item description of Grolia Hat did not include any information regarding set bonuses.

Fixed an issue where some NPCs sold Special Honey Jar.



New function where you can search for specific recipes and only show the recipes that you already know has been added in the Cooking/Alchemy window.
  -  Check the box that says “only show known recipes” to hide the recipes that you haven’t completed.
  -  Enter the word you would like to search for in the search box to search for the recipes that include the word.
  -  When searching for specific recipes, only the recipes that you have the Knowledge of will be in the results. If you do not have any Knowledge that include the word you have entered, a message that says “You do not have any Knowledge that include the word.” will appear.

Gear and Pearl items cannot be registered as ingredients when using Cooking Utensils and Alchemy Tools.

Fixed an issue where your Long-tailed Rosefinch would not sit on your character’s shoulder when it is summoned with a Hedgehog or a Snowman pet.

Fixed an issue where pets were outside the house in placement mode.

Before all 10 players enter the Individual Battle, players that are waiting can freely fight each other.
  -  When all 10 players enter the Individual Battle, the free fight will stop and all players’ HP and SP/MP/WP will be fully recovered.

When you die during the Individual Battle or during the Guild Battle, the name of the character who killed you will appear on your screen.

The Guild Activity Money system has been added.
  -  Guild Masters can set a limit for the amount of Guild Fund that each Guild member can use.
  -  Guild Masters can click on the name of each Guild members in the Guild menu to set the Guild Activity Money limit for each one.
  -  The range of the Guild Activity Money limit is from 0 to infinity.
  -  Guild Activity Money will decrease when a person purchases items in the Guild Shop. When the Guild Activity Money reaches 0, the person cannot purchase anything from the Guild Shop, even if there is money left in the Guild fund.
  -  Guild Activity Money can be re-given to you by the Guild Master.

Recent price will be refreshed after each maintenance and will not appear until the first purchase of that item is made.
  -  After each maintenance, the recent price will not appear. When the item is purchased at least once, recent price will appear.

The 1-second-cooldown that was applied when relocating items consecutively in mount inventory and campsite storage and switching main-hand weapons consecutively has been removed.

Fixed an issue where Hwachas would not fire in Node/Conquest Wars.

Annexes cannot be built on top of certain buildings in the Serandia Swamp area.
  -  Forts that were built on the buildings has been removed. You will still own the area after the maintenance.

The amount of rewards you get from Savage Rift based on your contribution score has changed.
  -  Contribution Score 0: 0%
  -  Contribution Score Above 1: 70%
  -  Contribution Score Above 101: 80%
  -  Contribution Score Above 111: 83%
  -  Contribution Score Above 121: 86%
  -  Contribution Score Above 131: 89%
  -  Contribution Score Above 141: 92%
  -  Contribution Score Above 151: 94%
  -  Contribution Score Above 161: 96%
  -  Contribution Score Above 171: 98%
  -  Contribution Score Above 181: 100%

When you give stacked items to the Fairy and the Fairy will get more exp than her max exp, the items will not be consumed and a system message will appear.

Fixed an issue where the cooldown for Fairy skill “Eternal Well” was not visible.

Fixed the abnormal graphics of the Fairy when the Graphical Setting is on “Optimized.”



Fixed the issue where the character occasionally moves awkwardly when hit by Red Nose.

Training experience has been added to the quest reward for ‘[Training] In Search of the Finest Courser’.

Fixed the issue where Jemmy Dricker, the NPC for Black Spirit’s Training in Grana, appeared as the one in Calpheon.

Fixed the issue where the description of the Knowledge for Special Honey Jar was different from the actual crafting.

Fixed the issue where players kept interacting with NPCs next to bookshelves instead of the books in the Great Library of Calpheon

Fixed the issue where the village guards occasionally attacked characters with high Karma.

Fixed the issue where the grass at Mediah Castle levitated in the air.

Fixed the issue where there were invisible walls in some parts of the Mediah Castle Gate.

The objects that you could just pass through at the Sausan Garrison have been removed.

Pillars have been added to the inside of Hystria Ruins.

Additional improvements have been made to the inside of Hystria Ruins where characters moved awkwardly.


[Gameworld, NPC, and Graphics]

The static wagon placed at the entrance to Kamasylve Temple has been removed.

Improvements have been made so that effects too close to the camera do not show up anymore.

Fixed the issue where certain skill effects don’t show when hit effects are toggled off.

Fixed the issue where the character appeared to be in water at the cave inside the waterfall located on the upper part of Demi River when you are doing the awakening weapon quest for the Striker.



The UI for the Marketplace Registration Notice has been improved.

 - The marketplace registration notice will pop up once the items you have pre-ordered have been registered at the marketplace, which you can now click on for more details.

 - The list for the registration notice and pre-orders will show up to 20 records in detail, and you can cancel the notification of the item you have set for the registration notice.

 - The notice list will reset whenever your screen is reloaded, including when you relogin, change servers, use escape, etc.

 - Also, a marketplace notification icon will now appear at the bottom right part of the screen when there is a notice.

Fixed the issue where the Coupon Book would open unintentionally when you have Pearl Shop Coupons.

Fixed the issue where the description of the guild rank didn’t show up when the cursor is put over a regular guild member’s rank.

The font for the guild fund on the guild shop has been changed to a larger size.

The icon for the PC Cafe Quest and Coupon on the bottom right part of the screen has been changed.

Fixed the issue where the text on the mail with ‘[Event] Sweet Letter’ used on it appeared awkward



A warning will now appear if you set the pre-order price over thrice the amount of the registration price when listing an item for pre-order at the marketplace.


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Comments :5

  • 0

    level 1 Keamaya

    "The Guild Activity Money system has been added.

    - Guild Masters can set a limit for the amount of Guild Fund that each Guild member can use."

    Holy, that's so nice. Hope we get more improvements for the guild system. It really needs some love. :)

    Best would be customizable ranks/rights, really.

    A checkbox for stuff like using guild mounts, invite people, declaring/retracting wars, accepting/finishing quests, bidding on guild houses, buying siege buildings etc

    Also would like to see a build in forum to use, polls, some sort of calendar to plan events...huh, one can dream.
  • 1

    level 1 Isteria


    Can you tell us what is the default setting? I hope it is 0 silver.

    • 0

      level 1 Yullie


      Hi, the default setting is 0 silver for everyone except for the Guild Master. The GM does not have any limit.

  • 0

    level 1 Winstress


    The guild activity money system.... is this different than daily payout?

    • 0

      level 1 Yullie



      The Guild Activity Money system is different from the daily guild salary. The Guild Activity Money is a limit on how much money you can spend within the guild fund, rather than actual money that is given to you.

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