One mistake leads you to death! Players take on the Time Attack of Elder Dragon Nergigante with no armor


There has been quite a bit of buzz on social media, all around videos of players taking on the time attack of Elder Dragon Nergigante, the strongest monster in Monster Hunter: World.

The first Nergigante video that went viral was made by a  Youtuber named MHW
チャンノー, and showed him taking on the dragon with just the sword & shield and no armor; he set a record of 4 minutes 57.13 seconds.

He used the food skill called Felyne Heroics, which increases attack damage as health becomes

lower. Before fighting Nergigante, he increased his damage to the maximum by blowing himself up in order to decrease his health to the lowest possible point. Although this method made up for the low damage of the sword and shield, it also took away his ability to guard, as even one guarded hit could instantly kill him.

But it seems like he never needed to guard anyway since he was able to evade all of Nergigante’s attacks by tumbling. He succeeded in slaying the monster without letting it escape, all with a weapon that is not really suited for time attacks.

There was also a streamer named Rainy who slew Nergigante with a charge blade and no armor. Unlike in the previous clip, Rainy didn’t have Felyne Heroics but did use an item that slightly increases attack damage without reducing health, and started the fight with Nergigante right away. Although the player’s health wasn’t reduced, the lack of armor meant that Nergigante’s attacks could still be one-hit KOs.

In the clip, Rainy showed skilled movements such as evading Nergigante’s attack and roar by tumbling at the right time and blocking attacks with the shield’s GP. Nergigante eventually fell after 2 minutes and 49.23 seconds. The record isn’t that different from time attacks done by skilled players wearing full armor.

It is expected that many armorless time attack challenges with various weapons will be uploaded as players become more skilled at the game.


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