Fissure transfers from London Spitfire to LA Gladiators



The coach of London Spitfire, Bishop, had this to say about today's news that Fissure is being transferred over to LA Gladiators:

"Fissure is one of the smartest main tanks in the league, but we've struggled to fit him into the team in terms of synergy and while we didn't want to lose him, he is very competitive and seeks the playing time befitting a player of his caliber."

In a move that benefits LA Gladiators more than anyone, Fissure was apparently transferred due to his request for more playing time, something London Spitfire just couldn't give. London Spitfire was the quickest team to assemble 12 players and, in wake of their Season 1 victory, it is likely in the teams best interest to start trading away players. 

This type of move benefits Fissure as well, as he will undoubtedly get more playtime when playing on LA Gladiators. It is extremely valuable for a middle-ground team to acquire someone from the top 3 teams, as Fissure will naturally provide insight on how to defeat Spitfire in the future and even strategies they have not revealed yet.


- A Gladiators welcome

As expected, the leadership at LA Gladiators are happy about this newest acquisition. On their official blog post, both the head coach and director of esports in the organization had praise to give fissure:

"We are very happy with the communication and coordination we displayed in the first stage. The entire roster works so well together already, and we feel we’re ready to add onto this working system and grow to our full potential for stage 2 and onwards."

Charlie Lipsie, Director of Esports for LA Gladiators


Fissure has not yet made a public comment on the transfer.

You can read the official statement released by London Spitfire on spitfire.overwatchleague.com


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