Nergigante slain in 57 seconds - Monster Hunter: World Time Attack Ranking by Weapon


It only took a slight moment to slay Nergigante as part of the Level 8 quest in Japan on February 11th.

It was the bow that hunted down Nergigante faster than any other weapons in this ranking. The clip that was posted on February 11th showed the player performing an incredible feat of skill, slaying the monster within 57 seconds.

The most interesting part of this hunt was the number of shots he took in the clip. He took only 9 shots in total to slay the monster.

The player’s character had Attack Boost Lv. 4, Critical Eye Lv. 4, Weakness Exploit Lv. 3, and Critical Boost Lv. 3 (Only Jewel). The equipment he has was the Dragonking Eyepatch, Nergigante Mail B, Kiser Vambraces B, Odogaron Coil B, and Lavasioth Greaves B. The charm was Attack Boost Lv. 3.

Meanwhile, the heavy bowgun was placed 2nd with the record of 1’34’10, followed by the charge blade and sword & shield with 1’45. All records are according to the times posted on February 11th.

The three weapons with the worst records were insect glaive (2’15’51), light bowgun (2’48’70), and hunting horn (4’06). The light bowgun, in particular, had a record of 2’03 before the slicing ammo was nerfed, and it now takes 45 more seconds to complete the quest after the patch.

Below is the ranking of the Nergigante Time Attack:

Nergigante Time Attack Ranking (Feb 11th)

1st - 0’57”31 Bow

2nd - 1’34”10 Heavy Bowgun

3rd - 1’45”00 Charge Blade / Sword & Shield

5th - 1’50”00 Gunlance

6th - 1’51”00 Great Sword

7th - 1’54”00 Hammer

8th - 1’55”63 Long Sword

9th - 1’59”73 Dual Blades

10th - 2’02”60 Switch Axe

11th - 2’06”21 Lance

12th - 2’15”51 Insect Glaive

13th - 2’48”70 Light Bowgun

14th - 4’06”00 Hunting Horn

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