Jin Air Green Wings (JAG) has received a caution penalty for Wraith’s violation during the match against ROX Tigers on the 8th of February (KST).

According to the LCK rules, the participating team must prepare for the match 30 minutes before the match and do their set up. They have to finish the settings for hardware like keyboards, mice, and headsets along with in-game settings like champions, skins, items and runes. This means that teams are not allowed to enter settings during the picks & bans.

In this day’s match, Wraith changed his monitor resolution settings during picks & bans. After changing his resolution, he was unable to select a champion and the client needed to be rebooted. Due to this incident, Riot penalized JAG with a caution.

JAG will have to beware of this type of situation in round 2. One caution penalty doesn’t affect the team, but if any team receives a second caution, the team will be penalized by losing a set score point in the leaderboard. In the spring split of 2017, Afreeca Freecs received two cautions and they needed to play in the 4-5th rank match. In this season, KSV has one caution due to Crown's disconnection.


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