kt Smeb: "If I use Relic Shield with Kleptomancy... I can be advantageous with the gold."

On the 4th of February (KST), kt Rolster played against ROX Tigers in the 15th day of 2018 LCK Spring Split. Although kt lost game 2, they took games 1 and 3 to have a 2-1 victory and to maintain their spot in the top 3.

In game 1, kt dominated all lanes and the game was nearly one-sided. However, they allowed pursuit in game 2. ROX had a good start in game 3, but with Smeb’s fantastic performance, they seized their chance and continued to win teamfights including the fight near Baron to win the game.

Today’s MVP was Smeb, captain of kt Rolster. In the middle of the interview, kt jungler and previous captain Score was also invited to the interview.

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Q. You won today, how do you feel?

Smeb: We lost game 2, so I’m not fully satisfied but I feel good since I got MVP.

Q. You bought Relic Sheild in game 1. Why did you buy it?

Smeb: If I use Relic Shield with Kleptomancy, 10 gold is earned every time I hit an enemy with Q. If that goes on, I can be advantageous with the gold.

Q. If you buy Relic Shield, isn’t it difficult in the laning phase?

Smeb: We played Gangplank and Ezreal at the same time. Since Ezreal is a champion that earns gold well, we thought that we’ll never fall behind in global gold.

Q. This is the second year for your team being together, and your their captain. How is it?

Smeb: Everybody is putting in a great amount of effort, so now we’re finally building up some good teamwork. As a captain, though, I think I still have far to go.

Q. What’s the most difficult thing for you as a captain?

Smeb: I enjoy making risky plays but as a captain, steady play is required. It was a bit difficult getting used to that.

Q. What were your favorite moments in today’s games?

Smeb: In game 1, I went 1v2 against Sejuani and Jayce and I chased them off. I think that was a perfect moment. In game 3, I pushed 3 enemies against the wall and we dominated that teamfight. (Q. Were there any calls from the team?) We were saying ‘anyone who can, keep watching’ and I was able to jump in at the right time. It was only a split second and I think I got lucky.


▲ Invited Score in the middle of the interview.

Q. (To Score) You’re unlucky with the MVP votes recently?

Score: I thought that I was the MVP of game 1 today, it’s a bit disappointing.

Q. Do you think Smeb is doing well as kt’s new captain?

Score: I think he’s doing better than what I thought. I thought he wouldn’t be good.

Q. Do you have any tips to give as the previous captain?

Score: The players shouldn’t be late. There are several players that are late often and I think Smeb is late often to come with them. (Laughs) Maybe it’s his way of caring for the team.

Q. Many fans are paying attention to your changed hairstyle.

Score: I didn’t do much for it; before in the backstage, they put makeup on me so I thought ‘Is it my day for MVP?’ Way too many people are paying attention to my hairstyle. (Laughs)

Q. (To Smeb) You’re on a 5-game winning streak. How do you think it’ll go in the 8.2 version?

Smeb: We’re on a streak, but the next matchup is against Kingzone. We really have to put in everything to defeat them. They’re playstyle is similar to us and they have Khan who is playing very well recently so I think I have to do really well.

Q. You have 22 kills to 1,000 kills in your LCK career. Do you think you can reach 1,000 against Kingzone?

If we get to game 3, it might be possible, but I think I won’t be able to because we’ll win in 2 games.

Q. Lastly, please say something to the fans.

Score: I’m thankful to all the fans who always support us. We’re on a streak now, we really won’t lose to Kingzone. We caught a tiger today, the next game we’ll be bringing down a dragon.

Smeb: It’s really cold today, thank you for coming. Watch out for the cold.


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