KZ Khan: "There are still a lot of champions that I haven't shown yet. It's a bit too early for anyone to comment on my champion pool"

Kingzone DragonX played yet another perfect game. On the 3rd, atop the Sangam eStadium, the 14th day of the 2018 LCK Spring Split took place. On the 1st series of the day, KZ defeated Kongdoo Monsters with a score of 2-0. Throughout the entire series, it was near impossible to spot a mistake from the side of KZ. Khan played Jayce and Gangplank and was the core of his team's success today.
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The following is an interview with Khan.

That was a perfect victory! How do you feel after that win?

It feels great continuing our win-streak. We want to maintain this momentum and continue it.

You have a very vast champion pool. Are you planning to play something new anytime soon?

There are still a lot of champions that I haven't shown yet. It's a bit too early for anyone to comment on my champion pool.

The champions that you're preparing to show - are they tanks or carries?

Of course, I favor carries, but I also have odd tank picks to show.

Your team is on a 5-win streak. I bet you're disappointed that you couldn't play in the 1st game, the only game in which your team lost.

Even if I had played then, the results could've been the same. I don't like playing the "if" game. The past is in the past, and what's important is the upcoming matches.

In the previous series, you almost scored two pentakills in one game. 

When I scored the first quadrakill, I didn't think much of it. But when I score the pentakill right after, I thought back at the quadra and said, "if I had taken that pentakill, today's game could've been written down in history!"

Your next matchup is against KT. Are you confident in playing against Smeb?

No matter who I need to face, I have the mindset to do whatever I need to do. I never have "concerns" regarding my lane matchup. Even if I'm facing a player from a bottom team, I neither underestimate them or overestimate them.

You seem more mature and calm than before.

Teamwork is important, but so is individual performance. It's important to try and become perfect as an individual first. I try to keep myself from getting too excited and play calmly in games. I'm focusing on reducing the number of mistakes that I make.

This interview was quite fun. Did you prepare for the questions ahead of time?

No, I haven't. An interview is supposed to bring fun to the readers, so I try my best to make them fun. 

Any final words?

I'm not satisfied with the team as of yet. We'll continue to show great performance down the road. We'll become a team that will continue to show satisfying games.

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