KZ GorillA: "I was a complete newbie when Madlife and Froggen were in their prime. It's really cool to see them here"

KZ defeated KDM with a score of 2-0 and added another win to their record. In game 1, KZ 's Galio, Rengar, and Jayce all played proactively to take the lead. Later on, they took everything that they could and secured the victory.

In the following game, game 2, KZ was shaken by KDM's early attacks, but they quickly turned it around and punished KDM - leading KZ to take a clean series off with a score of 2-0. After the series, the two players who won the MVP title, Peanut and GorillA, were invited for an interview with the casters.

That was an extremely quick game! How do you feel after that victory?

Peanut: Quick games mean we made little mistakes - it feels great. Good results follow good performance.

GorillA: I'd really like for us to continue playing like this.

Today is Peanut's birthday. Maybe it's because it's Peanut's birthday today, but the coaches seem to have favored you during picks and bans. 

Peanut: The coaches have prepared a great picks and bans phase.

Are there any birthday plans? Are you heading straight back to the team house?

Peanut: I think so. I've been a professional gamer for 4 years now, but I've never had to play during my birthday before. It kind of feels... new. 

Has Peanut said that he'll buy you and your team a nice meal for his birthday?

GorillA: I don't think he's supposed to in his position... There's both PraY and me, so he won't have to feel the need to do so. It's also my brother's birthday today, and he told me to mention it in an interview if I get the chance. Maybe it's thanks to him that I got the MVP title.

In game 1, you constantly applied pressure on the enemy jungler. Can you tell us why you picked Rengar?

Peanut: The coaches gave me more "power" to do what I need to do during picks and bans. We've also analyzed that the enemy jungler favors Jarvan and Zac, so we drafted according to that information.

Khan picked Jayce, but the enemy could've picked something like Sion. Are you fine with the risks?

GorillA: Khan is always confident. He's confident regardless of who he has to face. We have faith in him.

In game 2, you joined in on a fight at level 1, when the enemy invaded your jungle.

GorillA: I was in the bottom lane ringing Alistar's bell when the team asked me to come. We've fell to that trick during scrims before, so we were able to understand the situation and deal with it accordingly.

At a teamfight near the Baron pit, you constantly stayed alive and aided the team.

GorillA: The enemy definitely made mistakes, but we also played it very well. We were outnumbered when the fight first started, so things could've gone really badly.

Today, Madlife is here casting the games. There's also Froggen watching.

GorillA: When Froggen and Madlife were in their prime, I was a complete newbie. It's really cool to see them here. I'll probably become like them later on.

Can you give us your final words regarding your upcoming match with KT Roster?

Peanut: Every series is important - and so is the series with KT. Smeb told me that he "doesn't have the confidence to lose to us." I hope things turn out to be the opposite. We'll prepare well, and I hope we win.

GorillA: I'd like to thank all the fans who came to watch our games live - as well as those who are watching from home. We'll continue to show great games. Thank you.

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