MVP Pilot: "Our head coach ordered me to win the laning phase against Bang and Wolf"

Pilot agreed to take on MVP's mission of achieving the goal of securing 13 consecutive wins this split. 

On the 1st of February, atop the OGN eStadium, the 13th day of the 2018 LCK Spring Split took place. On the 2nd and final series of the day, MVP played against SKT, to which they won with a score of 2-1. Before today, MVP was struggling to find victory, lost in a losing streak. But by taking down the team that they have never been able to in the past, MVP was able to enjoy their first happiness of this season. MVP Pilot was subbed in for game 3 and suppressed his lane opponents with Kalista.

The following is an interview with MVP's ADC, Pilot.

You've finally broken your losing streak! How do you feel?

We'll have to practice even harder and try our best to win the remaining matches.

How did you prepare for today's match against SKT?

My teammates asked me, "how do you take down SKT?" It's because I've taken them down before on my previous team, Jin Air Green Wings. So I joked that we could win as long as we prioritize on taking down Faker. (Laughs)

Jokes aside, every member of the team analyzed and researched possible 'picks and bans' - up until midnight. That effort probably pushed us to victory.

You were subbed in when the score was 1-1. Was there a lot of pressure on you?

There was no pressure. In fact, I was quite excited to play, since it had been a long time since I've played against SKT. 

It was also an opportunity to prove myself by winning - because SKT is a good team.

What were you ordered to do when you were subbed in?

Our head coach ordered me to, "win the laning phase [against Bang and Wolf]."

Although your team secured a lead in game 3, SKT's poke-oriented team composition kept you guys from cementing your victory, for quite a bit of time. When did you become certain that you'd win?

Personally speaking, when we took Baron and took down SKT's midlane inhibitor. At that point, I was certain that we were going to win as long as we didn't make any mistakes.

It has been a while since you played in the LCK.

People's opinion of me before leaving the LCK wasn't great. I wanted to change that, and that's why I returned. I don't know if I'll be able to do that, but I'm doing my best to do so. 

What have you been doing to make that happen?

After leaving Korea, I played abroad for about a year. 

There, I had to teach my teammates a lot of things. I think I matured more through that.

What is your goal?

After our 5-loss streak, our team decided upon "13 consecutive wins" as our goal. So that is my goal as well.

You'll be facing against Afreeca Freecs, a team that has been showing great performance recently.

We'll improve our performance as a team. We'll make a fun game happen, and furthermore, win it.

Any last words?

We finally tasted victory. Until today, our team has been saying that we fell into a losing streak because we lost the feeling of victory. We have finally experienced it again, so we'll show more of us winning in the future.

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