Max: "We thought that we would've had an easier time if we gave Zoe to Faker, instead of something like Kassadin"

MVP had the last smile.

On the 13th day of the 2018 LCK Spring Split, The 9th place team, SKT T1, played against the 10th place team, MVP. It was a game that had both teams' pride on the line. In game 2, Faker played Kassadin, a champion that he had relatively low success on in the past, but he ended carrying his team to victory. But that meant little, as SKT was shaken by MVP in games 1 and 3. In the end, MVP took a 2-1 victory over SKT.

During today's series, MVP's support, Max, and jungler, Beyond, took the spotlight with their decisive plays that led the team to victory. In every important moment, Max accurately landed his CC abilities on the enemy to ensure the victory. As for Beyond, he completely gained control of the jungle and deprived Blank of his hunt. He was an important factor that allowed MVP to snowball.

With this victory, MVP will donate for every kill that they made during their winning sets. They were also able to finally break their losing streak. 

The following is an interview of Max and Beyond with the OGN casters.

How do you after that victory?

Max: It's been so long since we've won... this interview almost feels awkward. I want to keep this momentum going and do more of it. 

You've won against SKT T1, a team that you've never defeated in the past. How did you prepare for today's matchup?

Beyond: We've been performing differently on stage to our usual performance during scrims. But our head coach told us, "relax - we believe in you guys." I think we were able to do what we needed to do because we were relaxed and comfortable.

Max, you've received the MVP title for game 1 with Tahm Kench. How was the flow of the game?

Max: During scrims, whenever we took Tahm Kench, we almost always won. When I got a hold of Tahm Kench today, I immediately thought that we would have an easy victory if I was able to catch people off in the sidelanes.

In game 1, SKT pulled out a surprise pick in the form of Nasus. What kind of conversations went back and forth between your teammates and coaches?

Beyond: We actually expected SKT to use Nasus. We didn't worry about it much, especially because ADD told the team, "When the time passes, I'll do well on my own."

You guys lost game 2 after winning game 1. How was the team atmosphere at the time?

Max: Once Faker got a hold of Kassadin, he just swept across the map - like as if he was flying. We thought that maybe if we gave him something like Zoe, we would have an easier time. The results were good.

Beyond, your jungle route was really on point today. You quite dominated the jungle. Was it something that you prepared before the match with your teammates?

Beyond: A lot of the ideas came to me on the spot. In order to utilize it as a team strategy, I would have to practice it more. Whenever I saw a situation where a fight could break out, I did make the calls that I'll be there.

Beyond, people have been criticizing you that you're way too obsessed with objectives. Why do you love the dragons so much?

Beyond: I normally only try to take the dragon after scouting the situation of the game to see if our laners - or me - have an advantage over their oppositions. But today, there were a lot of inferno drakes... Our team goes insane when they see an inferno drake, so I did my best to get them what they want.

Recently, the 'Unsealed Spellbook' rune has been trending among support players. By utilizing it, supports have gotten really busy with roaming... isn't it hard and troubling?

Max: We were that much desperate to win. I thought that I had to do as much as possible if we wanted to win. Other support players do it too, so I have to as well.

In game 3, Pilot was subbed in. Why?

Max: It was a decision that was made by the coaches. I was confident to play well no matter who my partner was.

Beyond, were you confident in the mid-jungle matchup today?

Beyond: Personally, Kha'Zix is a pick that I like and am confident on, in scrims. But my teammates sometimes think otherwise, so I told them today, "I'm confident enough to play Kha'Zix. Their Camille seems like the jungler, but I don't care who their jungler is, I'm going to play Kha'Zix."

Game 3 was a really close match. When did you gain the certainty that you'd win?

Max: When I landed W+Q on Zoe near Baron. Tahm Kench couldn't devour her because of cooldowns. She died helplessly.

MVP had declared that they will donate for every kill they make on stage - in a winning game. You can finally donate!

Max: Some people have been saying as a joke that "you guys are losing on purpose so you won't have to donate, right?" I think we played well today because of the advice our coach gave us. 
Playing in a relaxed manner is our best playstyle."

Last words for the fans?

Beyond: To all those that came in person to watch the game - and those who are watching from home: our recent results weren't great, at all, and our team atmosphere wasn't too great either. But I'm very thankful for the fans that continued to cheer for us. We'll continue to try our best to show our best performance. Please cheer for us!

Max: Coach Choi Yoon-sang told us, "5 losses are enough. Let's make the score 13-5 now." We have 12 more wins to go.

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