Smeb: "Khan is a great player... it's not impossible for me to make that kind of plays as well"

All the while complimenting Khan, Smeb didn't back down. Smeb shared that he believes Khan is a great player but also added that, "it's not impossible for me to make those plays as well."

On the 1st of February, the 13th day of the 2018 LCK Spring Split took place atop the OGN eStadium. The 1st series featured KT Rolster and Jin Air Green Wings, and KT secured a clean 2-0 victory. During the early-game of the 1st set, Smeb was a constant target for JAG and had died to frequent dives. In teamfights, however, Smeb played his role near flawlessly and absorbed the enemies' damage - leading his team to make a comeback. In game 2, he utilized Gnar's kit to its fullest and properly applied pressure on the enemy Gangplank.

The following is an interview of KT's toplaner, Smeb.

How do you feel after that victory?

We took a clean 2-0 victory. I'm really happy.

You're on a 4-win streak!

Practice is practice, but I feel like I'm improving more as I play onstage. I feel like I received a significant buff after defeating SKT. I think I'll continue to improve.

JAG is well-known to be a strong late-game team. How did you prepare for today's matchup?

During preparation, we emphasized the importance of preventing the enemy from taking good late-game picks. Our early jungle route was planned out pretty badly, and I think that's why we had a bit of a difficult time in the early-game. 

In the early-game, both KT and JAG took turns taking successful kills with a dive in the toplane. Is this a strategy that's trending among the LCK teams?

The difference between early-game and late-game champions have become more clear. If your team has taken an early-game champion, you have to make that kind of plays to justify the pick. And in order to make those plays, your midlaner needs to have good wave clear.

You're playing team after team, almost restlessly. The teams you have been facing are also quite strong.

For me, I'd rather play than not.

Next week, we have our most important match - the match against KZ. Khan's performance is really impressive. I'll have to prepare well for that game.

How do you rate Khan's plays?

In a way, his plays motivate me, and I think he's a really great player. But I'm not paying too much attention to him because I don't think it's impossible for me to make that kind of plays as well.

Any last words?

I'm really happy nowadays because everyone on our team has been doing really great. For some reason, I feel like I'm the only one underperforming on stage. If I can improve, I think our team will be a force to be reckoned with. Please expect great things from us.

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