Mata on Deft Stealing Red Buff: "Maybe it's because he's an alpaca, but he has animal-like instincts"

On the 13th day of the 2018 LCK Spring Split, KT Rolster clashed against Jin Air Green Wings. Recently, JAG has been displaying great performance, but it wasn't enough for the likes of KT. In the end, KT secured their 4th consecutive win with a score of 2-0.

During the series, KT unleashed monster-like performance, especially the botlane. In game 1, KT's toplane was focused by JAG, but Mata showed up in time to cover for him - saving him. Deft also proved himself better than Teddy and allowed his team to take the victory. Game 2 was more one-sided than the previous set - Deft's Ezreal quite frankly hard-carried the game.  

The following post-match interview is of the two players who won the MVP title for today's series, Deft and Mata.

You have secured your 4th consecutive win. How do you feel?

Mata: It's been a while since we've won series after series. It feels great.

Your recent performance has been really good! How are your physical/mental conditions?

Deft: I think it's okay.

Today's series was on fire! Were the players just as excited as the fans during today's match?

Mata: After Deft's death in game 2, Smeb and Score became very energetic... I was a bit nervous and told them to calm down. I was worried that Deft was going to die... I gave them the call to care for Deft.

It's been a week since your team has played! How were the preparations?

Deft: There were indeed hardships during the preparations, but I'm really hoping that our team can continue to exert performance to take games off clean like today.

In game 1, JAG pushed Smeb to a corner - starting from the 'picks and bans'. Did it bring you any concern?

Mata: Our early jungle route wasn't the most optimal one. And as a result, Smeb dying wasn't that much of a surprise. However, the enemy team wasn't able to roll a decently sized snowball. Since our team comp had better teamfighting, and our CS numbers weren't bad.  I knew that our late-game was going to be good.

Smeb was a constantly targetted by JAG. He must've been suffering!

Deft: Smeb told the team, "I'm still mentally fine, just do what you need to do."

Today, KT's botlane really shined. Does Mata lead the fights in the botlane?

Mata: Nowadays, every member of the team give their input for any given fights. But when we have aggressive picks, I usually talk the most. 

In game 1, the early parts of the teamfight that broke out in midlane was quite disadvantageous for your team. However, you guys still turned it around. Mata, personally, what kind of role did you have to play to win the fight like that?

Mata: To be honest, I was taken aback by it. Kalista's ultimate just suddenly flew towards us... We were supposed to lose that teamfight, but we were able to kill Taliyah, and I think that's why the fight ended up being near even.

Deft, you've often built 'Guardian Angel'. In what situation should you build that item?

Deft: You build it once you're sure that you can win every single teamfight. In a drawn-out fight, Kalista almost always wins, that's why I often build it on her.

You received the MVP title with Ezreal in game 2. During the game, you stole the enemies' red buff with 'Trueshot Barrage'. Do you shoot them with the pure intention of stealing the buff?

Deft: I was only able to steal it once, actually. It depends on my playing conditions. I don't really "plan to steal it" when I shoot Ezreal's ultimates, I just shoot it after telling the team that "I will try and steal it."

Mata: Maybe it's because he's an Alpaca, but he has animal-like instincts. (Laughs)

KT's botlane is very strong during the laning phase - and it often leads to KT winning games. Do you play like this during practice, too?

Mata: During practice, we [Deft and I] play passively and try to get the other laners set up properly. But in tournaments, we play very aggressively.

Despite the huge threat in the form of Zoe, you constantly advanced forward.

Deft: If you can dodge Zoe's first R+Q combo, you almost always win. But I died once. It got me angry and I played even more aggressively.

Last words for the fans?

Mata: There are still a lot of games remaining in 'LCK Spring Round 1'. We'll prepare well for them and try our best to keep this win streak going.

Deft: There are a lot of strong teams that we need to face soon. We'll prepare well and win against every single one of them.

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