Khan on Playing Riven: "You have to be careful of yourself. You're your own worst enemy"

KZ defeated ROX and added another win to their record. Game 1 started off close, but after taking the lead, KZ took full advantage of it and secured the win. In game 2, every player on KZ displayed monstrous performance and took the victory. 

After the series, the player who won the MVP titles for both games 1 and 2, Khan, was invited for an interview with the casters.

Today's series was KZ's very first here at Sangam Studio. How do you feel taking your first victory here?

There are rumors that games here at Sangam end up being long. We, however, played exactly like how we would've played at Gangnam, and I think that's why we were able to end the series quickly with a score of 2-0. 

Gangnam studio has a very short average game length. People are saying that it's because of KZ. Is it because of KZ?

To a certain degree, yes.

Will KZ continue to have short games here at Sangam?

Sangam's average game length should become shorter.

In game 1, you blindly picked Gangplank. 

I'm confident with any toplane champion. The results would've ended up good, no matter who I could've faced.

What if you were playing against Riven?

I'd still be confident.

In a teamfight during game 1, one of you guys were caught out - but you made a quadra kill out of it. Were you disappointed that you couldn't score a pentakill?

When I play, I just focus on what I need to do. So while I was focusing on the teamfight, I didn't realize that I had scored a quadra. Sure, it's disappointing to have missed a potential pentakill, but the team's victory is more important.

Was the Riven pick something that you had prepared beforehand?

The coaches talked me into it during picks and bans - they really heed the players' words. 

If you look at the solo queue stats, Riven one-tricks actually have some of the highest points. So I practiced it just in case. 

So, is Riven a good pick or not?

Every pick can be great depending on the situation. There are no bad picks.

What do you have to be careful of when playing Riven?

Yourself. You are your own worst enemy.

In game 2, you guys left Zoe open. Why? 

I can't say anything in detail, but our midlaner is also a very confident player. He said that he was okay playing against Zoe, so everyone was fine with it.

Currently, it looks as if you and Bdd are competing against one another to be the better laner.

Bdd has a great laning phase, but he plays in a "smart" manner. 

But I think I'm better than him in lane.

Why did you use Stopwatch on Riven before going for the kill on Rengar?

I have gained a lot of weight on my fingers... I was going to use Youmuu's, but I  misclicked...

You ended up picking up the pentakill that you couldn't in game 1, in game 2.

I was looking for an opportunity before going in. Once I saw the possibility of a pentakill, I went for it. My teammates also helped me secure it.

You looked very satisfied with the pentakill.

It's something that's hard to get even in solo queue. I'm very satisfied that I got it on stage.

Although you received the MVP title for both games 1 and 2, your teammates also played really well. Aside from yourself, who played the best?

If I played the best, the other 4 players' performances were about the same.

Your team is on a 4-win streak. Many fans and analysts have been saying that KZ is the most likely candidate to win the LCK Spring Split. What do you think?

There are still many strong teams remaining... I don't want to say anything reckless.

You secured your first victory here at Sangam. Do you have anything to say to your fans?

The weather nowadays is very cold. Thank you for coming from afar to cheer for us. I want to thank all the LCK fans in general- not only our fans - for coming. Thank you.

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