JAG Wraith: "Taric is like a melee Soraka... Orn is more fun."

On the 30th of January, Jin Air Green Wings (JAG) shut out Kongdoo Monsters (KDM) 2-0 and ranked themselves at 4th on the leaderboard. Kwon “Wraith” Ji-min picked Taric and Orn to protect his teammates and to demolish the enemy’s formation.

The following is the interview with Wraith.

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Q. How do you feel shutting out KDM?

I was a bit worried because KDM beat KSV, and we lost to bbq Olivers so I thought today’s match was very important. I feel a lot more comfortable now that we won.

Q. Why do you think you lost to bbq?

The results from practice wasn’t very good and the feedback wasn’t done properly. Today, we practiced well and the pick & ban went well too.

Q. You seemed to be banning Raise’s main champions.

Raise plays very aggressively with Jarvan so we banned him. He doesn’t have a wide champion pool so we organized the pick & ban to strengthen our jungler.

Q. You played Taric today. How do you think he is in the recent bottom duo meta?

All teams have their own preference, so the style changes a lot. I think Taric is casually good. But he's like a melee Soraka. Orn is more fun.

Q. Teddy is drawing a lot of attention recently. How is the synergy between you two?

Teddy’s helping me a lot. He’s an outstanding player, so we talk to each other a lot. He also has a very straightforward style of speaking so feedbacks are really quick.

Q. Your next match is against kt Rolster. It seems like an important match to get in to the higher rank.

Their bottom duo plays the laning phase very tightly, it’s going to be difficult. But I don’t think they will be able to push our duo around. We can win if we prepare well.

Q. Do you have anything else to say?

(To the teammates) Let’s prepare the rest of the season well and get through it in a good atmosphere!

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