JAG Grace: "When the skills are hit, Zoe is way too strong. She needs to be nerfed."

The second match of day 11 of 2018 LCK Spring Split was Jin Air Green Wings (JAG) vs Kongdoo Monster (KDM). Last week, KDM defeated the undefeated KSV, and were on the top 4 of the leaderboard but they weren’t able to overcome the awaken Grace and SoHwan’s JAG.

Before today, JAG had relied heavily on their ADC, Teddy. However, they proved that their mid, top lane and jungle are also reaching their full potential today.

The following is SPOTV’s interview of Grace and SoHwan.

※ Contents unrelated to the game were omitted and some questions/answers were edited for better comprehension.


Q. (To Grace) Today you were selected as MVP. How do you feel?

Grace: I think I got MVP because I picked a strong champion.

Q. You’re nickname used to be Yaharong. Why did you change it?

G: Everyone called me an ‘Otaku’ so I changed it.
(Note: Yaharong is from a Japanese anime character's dialogue.)

Q. What do you think your best play was today?

G: I think my best play was killing Ezreal with one shot.

Q. Was that intentional?

G: It was a situation that we had to poke constantly, so I just flung the star at him and he exploded. I had a lot more items and I knew that Ezreal didn’t have much magic resistance so I thought that it was possible.

Q. How do you think Zoe is?

G: When the skills are hit, Zoe is way too strong. She needs to be nerfed.

Q. (To SoHwan) This season, you’re a starting member. Does it give you any pressure?

SoHwan: I feel the pressure, but I think it’s good for myself because it’s a good chance to develop.

Q. After the 94 minute match against SKT T1, you’re getting better evaluations. What do you think?

S: I still have a lot to go, but I’m thankful that people see me that way. It also makes me try harder.

Q. There are many good top laners like CuVee and Khan. Do you want to compete with them in their level?

S: I think that’s the goal of all the top laners. I’ll try to catch up with the best, and someday I will be the best.

Q. What do you think about Orn?

S: Orn isn’t bad in the laning phase. His ultimate cool time is too good. The area of the ultimate is also very wide, so it’s really good.

Q. You also played Gnar. What’s Gnar like at top lane?

S: I think Gnar is a champion that plays alone. There’s nothing that’s especially strong, but he’s strong at top lane.

Q. Do you have a champion that you think you’re the best at?

S: I don’t have anything like that, but I do need to be able to play all champions very well. Personally, I like Riven the most.

Q. You crashed three enemies into the wall near Baron. Can you explain a bit about that situation?

S: Right before that scene, we won the teamfight, and I thought that we already won. The moment I pushed the enemies into the wall, I was confident that we won.

Q. There are many that say JAG doesn’t know how to close the game, so they have long matches. But your recent matches became shorter than before. Do you have anything to say about that?

G: Well, we’re not trying to take the game longer intentionally. (Laughs) We try hard to find ways to win in unfavorable situations, and I think that makes the game longer.

Q. You sit up very straight while playing. Is there a reason?

G: I sit up straight because it’s the most comfortable for me. At home, I put my feet up on my desk, but I think this is the most comfortable at the arena.

Q. Lastly, please say something to the fans.

G: I’m very happy to have won 2-0. I’ll do my best to do the same in the next match too.

S: Thank you to all the fans that cheer us. Although we have far to go, we’ll develop and become a better team.

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