Echo Fox Fenix, "Huni is the player I trust the most"

Alongside Febiven and Pobelter, Fenix has shown a good performance as a mid laner for the NA LCS.

On the 28th in the NA LCS stadium, Echo Fox won against TSM in the first game of week 2. Echo Fox's mid laner, Fenix, recorded 8 kills, 13 assists, and 1 death with Zoe; regarded as an op champion in this meta. He had a featured interview with Invenglobal and said that he is Faker's biggest fan. If he had a chance to match against Faker, he promised that he will do his best with a mindset of a fan. 

Here is the full text of the interview with Echo Fox Fenix.



Q. It was a long and hard game with TSM. How was it?

I feel really tired now. Because we were in trouble in the early game, we focused on our macro play in order to extend the game. Even when we tried to engage a fight with confidence, it didn’t work out. However, we finally got a chance after we got full-items.

Q. Dardoch said that TSM is not that good in the late-game on the broadcasted interview. Did your team discuss about this issue before the game?

Although we thought like that before we started game, TSM had shown a better performance in the late game than expected. They took Baron Nashor and broke two inhibitors. However, they still seem to have a lot of things to work on.

Q. You showed a great performance with Zoe. Why did you pick her?

Our team picked blue side today, so we could take an OP champion first. Since they didn't ban Zoe, we took her even though we barely used it during scrims.

Q. As a foreign player, you have played for a long period of time in NA. I heard you even made a debut in NA. How do you feel living here?

In the first year, I missed Korea a lot. But as time went by, I got satisfied with my life here. Now I want to stay here as long as I can. I like this free life-style. If I was in a Korean org, I would be in the gaming house around the clock. But here, I can go wherever I want to go. I can take a break when I want to. It’s like a real business. Sometimes Korean teams would do scrims from 12 pm to 1 am, but it’s all done at 6 pm or 7 pm here.

Q. What is your goal as a player? What is your plan in terms of the long term?

For me, Echo Fox is the best team and roster I have ever been with in my career. With this opportunity, I want to be the best mid laner.

Q. Who do you trust the most in Echo Fox?

Definitely Huni. He has experienced the World’s Finals and his knowledge about the game is so brilliant. He is not only good in the top lane but he also is outstanding on macro play. Because of this, our team is working with Huni
with the intent of learning from him.


Q. What do you think about the other players in your team?

Some people said that Dardoch’s personality is not that approachable at first, but I have played with him for a year. We can communicate with each other without saying a word. Also, I really like our bot lane duo because they are so nice. Our team is focusing on top and mid lane these days, and they understand it without any complaint. They even sacrifice for our team on draft.

Q. In terms of performance, which player gives you the most inspiration?

Every player could fall into a slump, but Faker has never shown his slump until now. I also try my best with believing one day I can be like him. Because of this, I watched every one of Faker’s stream. I also like to watch other player’s stream.

Q. You seem to like Faker a lot. Could you say something to Faker? He might even read this article.

I don’t know whether you know me or not but If we met at worlds, I will do my best to learn how well you play.


Q. Any last words for Echo Fox fans?

I always appreciate you guys for watching my games. We will improve ourselves until we win this spring split.

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