Clutch Gaming LirA: "Putting the bar set up high, I want to aim for 1st place."

In the 2nd week first game of the NA LCS on the 28th, Clutch Gaming’s LirA did not display a contempt face despite interviewing him shortly after the win against CLG. This is due to the constant invasion of his jungle by the enemy jungler throughout the game. Conveying his apologies to his teammates, LirA has said he will show a lot more as a new member of the team.

Below are the responses from the interview with Clutch Gaming’s jungler, LirA.


¤ How do you feel to win against CLG?

Although I am happy we won, I’m not that pleased that we won because we took advantage of the opponent’s throw. There are still a lot of things I need to work on.

¤ It seemed that the enemy jungler invaded your jungler a lot.

During scrims, I was the one who invaded the enemy jungle constantly. It was to the extent that the jungler would rage. However on stage, I was the one being invaded. I thought to myself ‘So this is what it feels like?’. Because of the picks/bans, it was hard to get help from my laners as well. I felt sorry to my team because I could not to anything to contribute.

¤ If you pick Zac, you are susceptible to being counter jungled. Was it still difficult knowing this?

The only instance where Zac would lose is when Sejuani would come when Zac is clearing a camp. However in this game, the opponent warded my jungle at lv 1 and came to my jungle as soon as he hit lv 3. On top of all this, the jungler came through one of the entrances to the jungle that we didn’t ward. So, we could not spot him in time. In a way, it was just bad luck.

¤ Although you won your game, it almost feels like you lost?

If my skill level was up to par with my scrims, we would have won out right. I am annoyed that we won because the opponent threw. This game went out the way it did because of my mistakes.

¤ When a jungler is having a hard time against the enemy jungler and win, it is because the team played well. Febiven got a pentakill today. How do you feel about your team performing well in today’s game?

Our team atmosphere is good, and our laning phase is solid. The speed in which our team grows is extremely fast. This is because when we are winning we win and when we are losing we stall. We get to practice on all aspects of the game. Because of this, we are performing exponentially better compared to our week 1 performances.

¤ People say that if you recruit a Korean to a team, you need to at least recruit 2 Koreans. There seems to be a trend of only a single Korean being recruited onto a team. How have you been adjusting as the only Korean?

There are times when I do get a bit lonely. Because it is more difficult to lose a game as a professional gamer, I prioritize a player’s skill and communication regardless if they are Korean or European. If Faker was American, I believe Faker would play to the best of his ability even if he is lonely regardless of him being American.

Being a recruit, you need to play well without exceptions. If you don’t play well, you get scolded. If you do well, you get rewarded. I always thought to myself that I need to play as well as Huni to get the praise. Regardless, I think I match well with Febiven. On stage, it seems that when I do well my team does also. Already performing 3 games on stage, I’m not comfortable that I was unable to perform well for all 3 of my games.

¤ What kind of player do you think Febiven is?

Every team needs a mood maker. Febiven is the mood maker for our team. Our synergy grows by the day. Febiven is a player that even went to Worlds, which I have not been able to. I believe Febiven is going to do even better in the future.

¤ What goals do you have in Clutch Gaming for this season?

A team that makes no mistakes. We are aiming to be a team which is strong in lane. Putting the bar set up high, I want to aim for 1st place.


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