The champion for the last Community Tournament is Sea Algae! The results for the Farewell MXM Tournament


The Farewell MXM Tournament, the last Community Tournament for MXM, was held on January 28th. This tournament was held to say farewell to MXM and a total of 9 teams joined to play.

The tournament was in the double-elimination and best of one, and after several teams competing, the teams Sea Algae and Last Minute Warrior each made it to the finals from Winners and Losers Bracket. Both teams each got a win as Last Minute Warrior won the 1st set and Sea Algae in the 2nd.

The team LMW got a lead in the game at first by taking control over the objects in the last set, although Sea Algae managed to win the team fight at the Rozark, scoring more points and turned the game around. In the end, Sea Algae won the game by summoning a number of Titans and even Titan Incarnates, destroying LMW’s core.

This made Sea Algae the champion for MXM’s last Community Tournament, Farewell MXM.



The Final Results for Farewell MXM Tournament

Final Match - Sea Algae vs Last Minute Warrior

1st Set - Last Minute Warrior Win
2nd Set - Sea Algae Win
3rd Set - Sea Algae Win

Tournament Results

1st Place Sea Algae
2nd Place Last Minute Warrior
3rd Place Bloodstorm


▲ The 1st set took long enough to use up the given time.
▲ Eventually, Sea Algae managed to turn the game around and take the victory.
▲Many teams joined the final tournament for MXM, which almost took over 8 hours to finish.


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