[APEX] AF Blue JIN: "EnVyUs would be the better matchup for us."

▲ Afreeca Freecs Blue's tank, Hyojin "JIN" Cho


Congratulations on advancing to the finals. How are you feeling?

Happy. Many had said that Afreeca Freecs Blue's weak point was our frontline, so I'm happy to have played well today to prove them wrong.


Were you offended by that public perception?

Not really. I accepted it. Our DPS players are amazing. Maybe we were holding them back.


Your Roadhog play was outstanding today, though.

Recry was our primary Roadhog player until now - I used to stick to Zarya, thinking that my main job was supporting our top tier DPS players do their thing. I had confidence in my Roadhog all along, however, and once the nerfs to Zarya hit live, it made sense for me to turn to the Hog. I believe my hooks were on point today.

I should also mention that my playing Roadhog was in part caused by my lack of practice on D.Va. We discussed a lot about how BK Stars would try to shut down ArHaN's Genji and how we should in turn counter that. I felt I would serve my responsibilities better on Roadhog.


Who do you want to face in the finals?

EnVyUs. I think they would be the better matchup for us, stylistically speaking. Plus, it would be fun to have a Korean team vs foreign team showdown in the finals. Kongdoo Uncia is very good, however, and I don't think I can make an actual prediction.


Any last words?

I agree with BK Stars' Alarm that aimbotting has gotten completely out of hand lately, and hope to see it fixed soon. Our team doesn't have many fans yet, perhaps because none of us are that good-looking [laughs], but I want to sincerely thank everyone who is cheering us on.



As conducted by Inven Irro

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