AFs Spirit: "I’m eager to find the hidden OP champion of the new patch."

On the 27th of January, Afreeca Freecs defeated ROX Tigers 2-0 and ended their losing streak. They are now placed 6th on the leaderboard with a record of 2W 2L. AFs jungler Lee “Spirit” Da-yoon contributed to the team victory with stable performance in both games.

The following is the interview with Spirit.

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Q. You have ended the losing streak. How do you feel?

I feel good because we did as we prepared. It was an important match, and I’m happy that we won. Our goal was to get 3W 1L in the first four matches and we god 2W 2L so it’s not that bad.

Q. You picked Jax in the first game. It seems that you pick Jax often now?

I think Jax is a safe pick. There’s no distinct strength or weakness. It’s a pick that can sacrifice for the team.

Q. Why did you pick Skarner in game 2?

When we picked Skarner, we knew that we’ll be trailing in the early game. We picked him thinking of the late game. We talked about enduring all the early hits, but I didn’t know that I would get hit so many times. It really hurt.

Q. SeongHwan is getting a lot of good comments. Now that you have played against him today, do you feel that he has improved a lot?

I thought that he was good from before. He’s an aggressive player in solo queue, so I thought that he’ll do well in competitions if he builds good synergy with his teammates.

Q. About the last match, you were 31 hp away from shutting out KSV. Was there separate shotcalls?

Hitting the twins was alright, but Kramer asked to look after him so I did, but the other three were shouting “NEXUS!” I started hitting the nexus, but it was too late. It’s so regretful.

I think it was better to have such thing happen in that match. If it was a bigger, more important competition, that mistake would have been more fatal.

Q. What was the most regretful during the 2 losses in a row?

We were complacent in the match against Kingzone. We thought that we knew everything about them, but we didn’t. Already at pick & ban, it was difficult. Against KSV, that moment was really regretful. In game 3 against KSV, everyone’s mentality was shook up already.

Q. Nunu jungle is a rising champion in the 8.2 patch. It’s been nerfed after a hot fix, but what do you think about it?

Before I say anything about it, I want to say that I always look forward to new patches. I’m eager to find the hidden OP champion of the new patch. I think Nunu might appear in the pro scene, but if Nunu appears, other champions could appear. I’m still looking into it.

Q. The next match is against bbq Olivers. They are doing quite well with the returners from EU. How do you think it will go?

I’ve watched their matches a lot and played many scrims, and I think they’re a really good team. We’ll prepare the match well, and win 2-0 like today. We must win.

Q. All the teams are doing better this season. How do you think the season will go?

In our point of view, if we just do as prepared, we won't lose. We try not to think about the other teams, and try to just focus on ourselves. Of course with the new players and deeper rosters, I think the whole league is performing better now.

Q. Do you have anything left to say?

We won after two straight losses. Personally, I’m not that satisfied with my own performance. I’ll do my best to deliver satisfactory performance in the following matches, and to make our fans happy. Thank you to all the fans, coaching staff and the organization.

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