AFs Kuro: "The Stopwatch is like having Zhonya’s Hourglass in the early game; it's broken."

The Afreeca Freecs (AFs) defeated ROX Tigers 2-0 and collected their second win. AFs seemed to be shook up early in game 1, but with solid teamplay and good macro, they ended up destroying ROX’s nexus. In game 2, again, AFs had a bad start. However, they endured the attacks and clenched the victory.

After the match, Kuro, veteran mid laner of AFs and LCK was interviewed.

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Q. You’ve collected the most MVPs so far.

Everyone played well, so anyone could have been voted MVP.

Q. Who do you personally think that should get today’s MVP?

I wish I can give everyone, but since that’s impossible, I deserve it. (Laughs)

Q. In game 1, why did you pick Corki?

Actually, I wanted to play something else, but the coach and my teammates said that Corki would be better.

Q. So was Ryze top lane prepared?

We practiced that to play against Kingzone, but it didn’t go well. That’s regretful.

Q. There was a moment you dealt massive damage in the bot lane.

At that moment, Braum ignored about 4 skills with the stopwatch. Everyone was praising Tusin that the moment he used his stopwatch was really good.

Q. How is it with the stopwatch?

The Stopwatch is like having Zhonya’s Hourglass in the early game; it’s broken. I think it should be balanced.

Q. Why did you play Skarner jungle?

We wanted the opponents to buy the Quicksilver Sash, thinking about the damage loss. Also, when we practiced, the results were pretty good.

Q. How was the Predator rune?

Spirit said that Predator rune was good, and the teammates agreed.

Q. ROX took all the objects in game 2. Didn’t you think it was dangerous?

We thought that if the game went long, we would win.

Q. So even if everyone had all the items, you were confident of winning?

Yes. Because we had Azir. (Laughs)

Q. The fight near Baron was impressive. How was it?

What we worried about the most was Taric’s ult. If we just avoided his ult, our team was a lot faster at killing the front line.

Q. After the last match against KSV, which was so close, were you okay?

We talked for a long time after the match. We thought that we could be having downfall afterwards, but we all resolved to do our best and get to Worlds. I think we’re all doing well now.

Q. Many said that AFs’ schedule is really bad. What do you think?

Well, since the first 3 games were against 3 of the big 4, we said playfully that even if we lose all three, if we win all the rest, it would be 6W 3L, and that’s quite good. We did beat kt, and we should have won the match against KSV. If we did, it would have been 3W 1L right now. It’s so regretful.

Q. Lastly, do you have anything to say on preparing the rest of the season?

We played against all the strongest teams in the league. Now it’s our chance. If we win all the remaining matches, we’ll be 7W 2L. If we do our best, I think it’s a reachable goal. We’ll do our best to make that dream come true. Thank you.

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