Set Bonus Menu and Adjustments on Grunil/Rocaba Sets Live on BDO KOR

A Set Bonus sub-menu has been added to Black Desert Online Korea. Also, Grunil and Rocaba set bonuses are now applied differently.

Upon placing a cursor over the “Check Set Bonus” which is on the bottom left of the inventory menu, you can see the Set Bonuses all in one pop-up menu. It will show the type of set bonuses applied to the character. Clicking it will provide more detailed information with all set bonuses that would apply to the character if you equip the full set.

For example, if you equip 3 pieces of boss armor, 1 Grunil, and 1 Asula, the set bonus of 3 pieces of boss armor will only be shown on the pop-up menu when you place your cursor over it. Left-clicking will show all possible set bonuses - 4 pieces of boss armor, Grunil set, and Asula set. The active bonuses are shown in blue, and inactive ones are shown in grey.

You can now check out all of the active set bonuses by placing your cursor over the menu
The detailed page shows all possible set bonuses, with inactive ones shown in grey


In the case of Grunil and Rocaba, the helmet with gloves set bonus has been changed to the 2-piece bonus, and the armor with shoes set bonus has been changed to the 3-piece bonus. The item bonus and 4-piece bonus will remain the same.

Grunil and Rocaba are loved by many players because of their two sockets; some pieces, including the helmet, are even used within some end-game content. Players therefore often upgraded and combined them with other equipment, and it now has become much easier to have the set bonus with this patch.

On the other hand, it would be somewhat disappointing if you focused more on health for your set bonus. The Grunil and Rocaba Armor and Shoes used to give a health-related set bonus, but the 2-piece set bonus - All AP/Evasion increases - is now applied regardless of which piece you equip.

The Grunil and Rocaba set bonus is now determined by the number of pieces you wear


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