OPT Arrow: “There are players in the NA who earned a lot of money through bitcoins.”

Optic Gaming lost the opening match against the 100 Thieves on the 20th (PST). Arrow spoke about his relationship with his teammates and about playing without a fellow Korean player. Also, about LemonNation and bitcoins.

The following is the interview with Arrow.

Q. You were advantageous but the game turned upside-down.

They killed Baron without us noticing, and they turned the game around. I’m a bit sad about that. With our pick, we needed to roll the snowball, but we weren’t able to.

Q. Are you well prepared for the 2018 spring split?

When we were practicing, I thought we were well prepared. However, there were some problems outside of the game; like the visa of the managers and with the gaming house, there were problems that took up a lot of time. Now, these problems are almost solved. I’m regretful that we weren’t able to practice earlier.

Q. You’re the only Korean playing in the team this season. How do you feel?

I thought that there’s not much difference, but I think that I feel kind of lonely. I think there’s a difference being the only Korean in the team, but all the teammates are good guys so it’s all right.

Q. Which teammates did you become fond of?

I think PoE is somewhat familiar. LemonNation invests in bitcoins and he tells me the market price often. I don’t really invest in bitcoins, but my ID is bitcoin (Laughs).

Q. I’ve heard that there are several players that invested in bitcoins. Do foreign players invest in bitcoins as well?

It’s not the time to invest, unless they invested like 4 months ago. I wanted to earn money, but I’ve heard that there are players in the NA that earned a lot of money through bitcoins.

Q. How are your resolutions for the new season?

If we put in enough effort, we’ll be able to get to the playoffs. My goal is to get in the top 3 in the playoffs. I’ll do my best to maintain our lead, unlike today. I want to say thank you to all the fans who support us.

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