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3D minimap added to BDO KR! Get a wide view of the detailed landscape


A 3D minimap has been added to Black Desert Online KR on January 17th. The minimap can be easily converted to 3D by clicking on the ‘2D’ button on the left top part of the minimap, and can be changed back to 2D by clicking on the ‘3D’ button.


The 3D minimap allows you to easily see the geographical features of the land. The colour of the land features is basically orange marked with white 3D wireframes, making it pretty easy to see the structure of the landscape. The autorun routes including roads are marked with brighter orange brick patterns, while buildings and objects are shown in blue. Referring to the brick patterns will let you see where the roads are in the areas in the Northern Valencia, where not all roads are properly marked in the map, with much more ease.

Other than that, information like the location of monsters and other players on the 3D minimap are marked just as they are on the 2D map; monsters as red and yellow circles, and players as white squares.


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▲ (From left to right) World map, 3D minimap
▲ Comparison of 2D and 3D minimaps. The buildings are marked with more details.
▲ A route will appear if you click on the area that appears to be Valencia.
▲ It became easier to move from Shakatu to Valencia using autorun.


The 3D minimap is basically shown in the Quarter View, and if the details cannot be seen in the Quarter View due to mountains or other varieties of landscape, it is automatically shown in the top view. If it is hard to see a location or check a destination that is hidden by land features in the 3D minimap, then you can enable the minimap rotation to see the hidden part. If you enable the minimap rotation feature, the direction your character is looking will come on the top part of the minimap, and you can move your character around to the direction you want to see in the minimap. You can change the minimap rotation setting by going to the Settings - Game - General tab.


You can set your destination point in this minimap- since the 3D mode is shown in the Quarter View, it has a farther view range than 2D shown in the top view, allowing you to set your destination point farther. Another advantage is that you can set your destination point much more precisely since the altitude differences or structures are marked on the map in detail.



For example, if you look north from Asula Highland, you can see the structure for the Elric Shrine, and it’s easily seen on the 3D map. The distance isn’t that far relative to the entire map, but you can still see the geographical details of farther locations than you would see in the 2D minimap. You can see even farther than Asula Highland-Elric Shine in the 3D minimap depending on the circumstances.


▲ The 3D minimap is shown in Quarter View most of the time, but it is automatically shown in top view if the geographical features cannot be shown in Quarter View.
▲ The structure of the Elric Shrine seen from Asula Highland is also shown in the 3D minimap.
▲ The distance between the two Nodes in the world map.


If you enter the desert with your 3D minimap toggled, it will show all of the geographical features of the land, unlike the 2D minimap. However, all the objects marked as blue won’t show, so it might be hard to find out where your current location is. The same applies on the ocean. You cannot also see the underground caves like the abandoned mine in Helm Post or Basilisk Den in the 3D minimap.

In addition, the feature that shows the location of your party members is not provided in the 3D minimap. Also, the areas and the direction of quest objectives originally marked with white arrows won’t show in the 3D minimap. However, BDO did mention via the recent Patch Notes that the quest objective area marking feature and area highlighted by pet skills be will be added later.


▲ The buildings won’t show up on the minimap if the player is in a desert.
▲ Abandoned Mine. The mark for the monsters will show in the 3D minimap but the underground structure won’t be.


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    level 1 That_Guy

    I don't see any reason to use this.. its ugly and what information does it really provide? Now if it had some sort of capability like showing where you can place a fort for nodewars or something that would be interesting.. Not just the nodewar boundary, but the actual areas where a fort can be placed within the area.

  • 0

    level 1 Konokolicious

    We ask for less lags on sieges. We ask nerfs for strikers/mystic. We ask for better pvp content. But we got 3d mini map....who even asked for it?

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    level 1 InstandRu

    When will striker/mystic be nerfed?

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