[Video Interview] SKT T1 Wolf: "The team and I Want Me to Play Both Support and Jungle"

Today’s video interview is with SKT T1 Lee “Wolf” Jae-wan. He played jungle in the game 3 of the match against ROX Tigers, and it was his first time playing jungle in the pro scene.

Many people were surprised. Wolf is one of the best supports in the world, and he was playing jungle instead of support. He said he wasn’t fully satisfied with his performance because of a mistake he made in the early game, and he promised better performance in the next match. In our interview with him, we were able to hear his thoughts on playing multiple positions and his advantages compared to the other two junglers of SKT T1.

The Wolf lives in the jungle. Below is the video interview of SKT T1 supporter/jungler Wolf.


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Q. Many fans were surprised by ‘jungler’ Wolf. It’s your first time in that position, and you won. How do you feel?

Well, it wasn’t that satisfying. The early game completely went over to ROX because of my mistake. If it weren’t for Sang-hyeok (Faker)... I don’t even want to think about it. What happened was; I saw that Azir didn’t have flash, and it seemed that he’d try to go over by using his E skill. I wanted to block him from going over, but I wasn’t able to block him, he went over, I went over, and I died.

If I was playing in my original support position, I wouldn’t have made such a mistake. I think I was nervous. Even if I’ve been in the scene for a long time, I’m a rookie in the jungle position. The last game was full of regrets. People tend to remember the first game for a long time, and I’m very regretful that I made many mistakes.

Q. Many fans were worried because of your solo queue jungle stats. Did you spend a long time preparing for the jungle?

Up to last year, my coach at that time asked me, “Do you want to try playing jungle?” and I always said, “Coach, how can I play jungle? I’m a support.” During the off season, he told me to think about it seriously. At that time, Coach Bengi came to the team, and since I was getting good evaluations as a jungler from teammates, I continued to practice jungle.

Q. Then are you maintaining multiple positions as support and jungle?

Well, the team and I both want me playing in both positions. I’m not a bad support, I’m rather good, and I thought that if I’m good at jungle too, that would be awesome.

When I talked to others, many people worried that I would lack practice time. I thought that I could just put in more time and effort than before, so I’m really doing my best now. I think I’ll have good results in both positions this year.

Q. Now, there’s three junglers in SKT T1: Blank, Blossom and Wolf. What’s your advantage compared to the others?

Since it’s my first time in the jungle, I try to learn others good things, I do a lot of research and think a lot about specific situations.

Recently, I’ve only gotten around 5 hours of sleep, and I think about which route to take until I fall asleep. The next morning, I start discussing routes that I thought before I went to sleep. I think I dedicate most of my time to the game, my advantage would be my passion and will to learn.

Q. How did your teammates react in the booth when you came in as a jungler?

The atmosphere was a bit heavy because we lost the second match, but when I, the fantastic mood maker, appeared and broke the ice with a few jokes, the atmosphere got lighter. I think some teammates were worried about me, they were telling me to calm down and do as I practiced. They’re such thoughtful teammates.

Q. Do you give any advice to Effort?

Effort is a very smart player. He knows more than me about the game in some areas, and his mechanics are incomparably better than mine. I try to tell him things outside of that, like shotcalling in team games, thinking differently, mainly things that are gained by experience. I think a lot about what to tell the rookie players and try to give good advice.

Q. How is the team atmosphere like with the new players?

Everybody is working hard so mostly we’re all quiet, practicing except for broadcasting time. SKT T1 always has a lively atmosphere because they have me, the mood maker.

Q. Now, a word to the fans?

I wasn’t able to deliver that good of a performance as a jungler. I’m still practicing a lot in scrims so I hope good results follow. I’m not completely changing my position, so don’t worry, I can play in both positions when needed. Don’t feel sad for ‘support Wolf’, and please continue to support me. I’m thankful that I’ve been loved so much; I’ll be doing my best to deliver better performance in the next match against Jin Air. Thank you.

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