[Interview] SKT Wolf : "If Bengi hadn’t come to our team, I wouldn’t have played jungle."

SKT T1 proved that there’s something special to their year 2018.

On the 17th of January (KST), SKT T1 fought the ROX Tigers until past midnight and defeated them 2 to 1.

Wolf played in Game 3 of the match. However, he surprised everyone by sitting in the jungle seat instead of support. Wolf’s jungle turned SKT T1’s conservative plays into more aggressive plays and earned himself MVP. Bang also played well playing Ezreal in Game 1 and Sivir in Game 3.

Below is the interview of the bottom duo who played as ADC and jungle for today’s match.


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※Some questions/answers were edited for better comprehension.


Q. It’s your first match, first win in the spring split. How do you feel?

Bang: Our performance wasn’t as good as what we prepared. We made many mistakes but luckily, we won our first match. Effort is a rookie and Wolf is a rookie in jungle. Today’s win means a lot to us.

Q. Wolf, you’re a supporter, what made you play jungle?

Wolf: My team said my jungle was good. Coach kk0ma asked me if I wanted to try jungle in a scrim, and I tried a few times. The results weren’t bad so I continued to practice. It’s not that I’m bad at support; now I'm confident in both positions.

Q. How would you rate Wolf’s jungle performance? There was a mistake in the early game, dying while trying to kill Azir.

W: If I was playing support, I wouldn’t have made the mistake. I was thinking that Azir will jump over the wall using E and I wanted to follow and kill him using flash. I suppose if it was Alistar I would have got him. The ROX support came to help… This is all the bot duo’s fault. (Laughs) Other than that, my debut as a jungler was like a rookie having a good debut.

B: The truth will be revealed in “Off the record”. We told him several times, like 20 seconds before he died, “Orn’s coming. Orn’s coming.” And he apologized after dying saying that it was his mistake. Anyways, I’ll give him 8.5 out of 10.

Q. How’s the team atmosphere recently?

B: Our recent scrim results are good. Some fans might think that our performance wasn’t very good, but we’re doing well at scrims and everyone is working hard, so the atmosphere is pretty good.

Q. In Game 1, Bang’s Ezreal was amazing. Did you feel that you made any mistakes?

B: When Zac jumped at me around mid, Tahm Kench swallowed me and died instead of me. I think that was the biggest mistake.

Q. In that match, you killed Azir by luring him out. Who gave the idea first?

B: I saw three enemies going to mid at that time, and Azir was coming down from the top so I called to lure him. I thought we would catch him off guard because two of our teammates were visual around mid and Baron was coming out soon, so he had to come that way.

Q. In Game 3, you stole the enemy drake with Sivir’s boomerang. Did you calculate the perfect time?

B: I did intend it, but it was 100% luck. I asked for a ward, but nobody had one. So I just threw it. It felt like all the enemies were in a hurry to kill the drake. Again, it was pure luck.

Q. It seems like you’ll be playing in the jungle more now. Who’s your role model?

W: I want to absorb all the good attributes of all the players, but I learned everything about jungle from coach Bengi. If Bengi hadn’t come to our team, I wouldn’t have played jungle. I learned jungle from zero to all I know from him.

When I talk to coach Bengi about jungle, we often talk about which route to take, but coach kk0ma doesn’t like it. “What does that matter, the enemy is attacking already, what are you doing?” he says. (Laughs) It’s difficult, but fun.

Q. Last year’s results weren’t that good for SKT T1, how are your expectations for this year?

B: I want to have our whole team maintain good condition and finish the year with satisfaction. Above all, I want to go to MSI. We weren’t able to 3-peat Worlds, but we still have the possibility of 3-peating MSI. I want to achieve that. Last year’s results are really regretful. This year is really important. It's a meaningful year, too; Effort is a rookie, and Wolf had his debut as a jungler.

Q. Last but not least, any words to the fans?

W: The game ended really late. I think all the transportation is out, so the fans who are still watching and cheering us need to take a cab or get accommodation. I’m so thankful for such generous support. And thank you to those who are watching online as well. This was only the first match, and I’ll do my best to perform well in the upcoming matches, too. Thank you.


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