Wolf in the Jungle?! Sights of the Second day of 2018 LCK Spring Season

In the 17th day of Seoul, the 2018 LoL Champions Korea Spring Day 2 game was played in fierce.

Following the first day of a spectacular start of the new season with a wonderful game, today's line-up is also a hit. I took photos of the 2nd day of 2018 LCK Spring Season, so let's check it out.

▲ Afreeca Freecs is preparing the first match.

▲ kt Rolster is also preparing the game too.

▲ PawN's measuring is famous.

▲ "Pyeongchang!"

▲ Now the game is started.

▲ Afreeca wins the first game.

▲ kt Rolster wins the Second game.

▲ Finally, Afreeca records their first winning today.

▲ Next match is SKT T1 vs. ROX Tigers!

▲ New supporter 'Effort' is in the booth.


▲ ROX Tigers looks happy

▲ The game is started!

▲ First game ends with SKT T1's winning.

▲ ROX beats the SKT T1 in the second game.

▲ There is a huge change in SKT T1.

▲ Wolf plays the game 3 as the jungler!

▲ "What?!"

▲ Finally, SKT T1 wins the game 3.

▲ And he got his first MVP in this season!

▲ "Aha... I think this is little bit early..."

▲ "Oh! I feel the dragon in my hand!"

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