"Zoe again?" About the OP creator, Riot’s Champion Designer: 'CertainlyT'


Today’s cartoon is about the ongoing high performance of Zoe and about the design likes and dislikes of the designer CertainlyT.

The new champion Zoe is performing well in League, when many thought she would fade away soon. Thinking of the previous champions Riot had released, they were OP as soon as they came out, but got nerfed for balance; it was always alright after a time. However, Zoe is still in that strong area. Users started to take interest in not only Zoe, but the creator: ‘CertainlyT’ who is a champion designer, who is always giving rise to many issues; his previous convictions are somewhat glamorous.

Along with Guinsoo, CertainlyT is already a famous designer. His reputation is well-established: he makes characters more OP than any other designer. Also, his champions are innovative and fun. Darius, Zyra, Thresh, Yasuo, Kalista, and Zoe. They all had their prime at the top of the LoL scene, and some are still very strong.

Since his champions have strong and distinct features, there are many fans and haters. Sometimes he creates something that has everything, and destroys the whole Rift, but at least they are guaranteed to give you a fun (and often stylish) experience. Of course, sometimes the excessive OP-ness and complex skill styles make some users worry, but luckily enough, he has earned a good reputation in designing and redesigning champions, a skill that requires a very innovative mind.

CertainlyT always causes many issues as the destroyer of the ecosystem, but is skilled in making creative and fun champions. What do you think of this “OP creator’s” designs? And will Zoe continue to reign supreme? will the many isolated champions receive his magic touch? Many users are watching with curiosity.

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