Lahn Awakening and her dual wielding swords are coming to BDO KR on Jan 11th


The Lahn, Black Desert Online's latest class, will Awaken in BDO KR on January 11th. The Lahn will use two swords with chains attached to them as her Awakening weapon. Details on Lahn's Awakening skills and the name of her Awakening weapon have not been revealed yet. 


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    level 1 That_Guy


    I feel like her awakening weapons don't fit the character..

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      level 1 Merkraad


      It doesn't. She is an agile fighter that literally flies around with a graceful light weapon in her pre-awakening.

      I would rather she had two of the pre-awakening weapon, if that isn't terribly uncreative. Better yet, it could be chains as it is, but at the end the curved blades from pre-awakening instead of massive swords.

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    level 1 Samuel_Luque

    :o amazing, gonna reroll :)
    bye mystic :v

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    level 1 Emil_Aliyev


    am...teaser video?

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      level 1 Yullie

      @Emil_Aliyev There are no trailers for Lahn Awakening at the moment =( I'll publish a post about it as soon as the trailer comes out! 

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