Mystic Awakening Combo with Initiating-Damage Dealing-Finishing Skills

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Unlike the pre-Awakening combo, the Mystic’s Awakening combo does not have a fixed composition. The commonly-used format is Initiating skill-DPS skills-Finishing skill. The order of skills can change according to personal preference and how many Martial Spirit Shards you have at the given moment. Primary DPS skills include Tidal Burst (Shift+RMB), Rapid Stream (Shift+LMB), Rising Dragon (Shift+Q), Burial at Sea (W+RMB), and Dragon's Pit (only with quick slot). Tidal Burst can deal massive damage in PvE, and Rapid Stream can deal additional damage with Down Attack.

You should always keep an eye on how many Martial Spirit Shards you have. The skills deal different amounts of damage according to the number of Shards you have. Rising Dragon (Shift+Q), Burial at Sea (W+RMB), and Flow: Wave Orb (LMB+RMB) will summon the Blue Dragon when used with Martial Spirit Shards. Rising Dragon with Martial Spirit Shards is especially effective with the DP debuff.

The Mystic will not consume any Shards by using Flow: Prey Hunt (Space while using certain skills) in Awakening mode, so keep on using the skill to have the buff at all times. However, using the skill again when the skill is on cooldown will consume Martial Spirit Shards, so always check the cooldown before using the skill.


▲ Wave Orb (LMB+RMB) can be activated instantly when used with Flash Step, which makes it a good initiating skill. 


Basic Combo: Down Attack and DP Debuff
     - Skills Used: Spiral Torpedo-Rapid Stream(2nd hit)-Rising Dragon


Spiral Torpedo (W+F) is often used as an initiating skill. Although the skill itself cannot deal much damage, the skill effects that come with the skill (AP buff and HP recovery) make the skill viable. The Mystic can move quite a long distance with the skill, and will knock down targets. It is a great skill to initiate a combo by quickly approaching enemies.

Rapid Stream (Shift + LMB) can deal additional damage with Down Attack to enemies knocked down by Spiral Torpedo. The skill can also decrease enemies’ DP on the 1st hit. Usually the skill is canceled after the 2nd hit and is followed by Rising Dragon (Shift + Q). Stacking up 30 Martial Spirit Shards is strongly recommended before using Rising Dragon.

If you could not sweep away all monsters with this combo, finish them off with Burial at Sea(W+RMB)-Flow: Burial at Sea(hold RMB) or Tidal Burst(Shift+RMB)-Rapid Stream(Shift+LMB).


Hit-and-Run Combo: Instant Wave Orb
     - Used Skills: Flash Step-Wave Orb-Tidal Burst-[Flow: Mass Destruction-Rapid Stream] or [Burial at Sea-Rising Dragon]


Wave Orb (LMB+RMB) has high damage percentage, but is often hard to use as a combo due to the skill’s “charging” animation and AoE. However, the skill can be instantly activated using mobility skills. If you use Wave Orb with commands, not with quick slot, after Flash Step (W+Shift) or 경신보 (hold W+Shift in Awakening mode), Wave Orb will be activated instantly. If you have enough AP, you can use the hit-and-run combo on monsters with low HP.

After the Flash Step (W+Shift)-Wave Orb (LMB+RMB) combo, finish the rest of the monsters with Tidal Burst (Shift + RMB). If there are still monsters left even after Tidal Burst, use Flow: Mass Destruction (A or D + RMB)-Rapid Stream (W+RMB) or Rising Dragon(Shift+Q)-Burial at Sea(W+RMB).


Summon the Blue Dragon with Martial Spirit Shards for burst damage
     - Skills Used: Burial at Sea-Flow:Burial at Sea-Tidal Burst-Rapid Stream-Rising Dragon



Burial at Sea (W+RMB) can be used as an initiating skill, used in the middle of a combo, and/or can be used to end a combo. The skill can consume either 10 Martial Spirit Shards or 30 Shards, so you can choose the moment to get the Shard buff. The skill will also Bound enemies, allowing for a smoother combo.


Tidal Burst(Shift+RMB) should follow after Burial at Sea(W+RMb) and Flow: Burial at Sea (hold RMB), and Rapid Stream(Shift+LMB) and Rising Dragon (Shift+Q) should be used as a combo. Alternatively, you can use Rapid Stream (Shift+LMB, cancel after 2nd hit) first and then use Tidal Burst (Shift+RMB) for Down Attack and debuffs.

If you hit all skills up to Rapid Stream (Shift+LMB), you will get full Martial Spirit Shards. Use Rising Dragon (Shift+Q), and you will be able to summon the Blue Dragon to deal additional damage and inflict a DP debuff.

▲ Rapid Stream and Tidal Burst. Using Tidal Burst after the 2nd hit of Rapid Stream will activate the 2nd hit of Tidal Burst. 


Dragon's Pit: For Enemies with high HP
     - Skills Used: Spiral Torpedo-Rapid Stream-Burial at Sea-Flow: Burial at Sea-Dragon's Pit-Wave OrborRising Dragon
     - Dragon's Pit can only be used with quick slots.

Certain monsters have higher HP than the other monsters around them do. In this case, you can use Dragon's Pit (quick slots) in the middle of a combo. The skill can increase the damage output of a combo, and decrease your enemies’ speed as well.

Both Spiral Torpedo and Burial at Sea are fine as initiating skills. Burial at Sea will not go through enemies so you won’t have to worry about jumping too far. Use Dragon's Pit after Flow: Burial at Sea to deal damage and make them slower at the same time. Use Wave Orb (LMB+RMB) if you don’t have 30 Martial Spirit Shards, and use Rising Dragon (Shift+Q) if you have enough. Even if you don’t have 30 Martial Spirit Shards, use Rising Dragon (Shift+Q) if you have 100% Black Spirit’s Rage as Rising Dragon with 100% Black Spirit can deal massive damage.


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