Recommended Skills and Add-ons for Mystic Awakening

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Mystic’s Awakening skills show dynamic actions with water splashing physics. Like the Striker’s Echo Spirit, the Mystic’s Sea Dragon will be summoned and will fight next to her to deal additional damage to enemies and give extra buffs to the Mystic.

Most of the Awakening skills perform better than non-Awakening skills, but Dragon Shatter and Whirlpool are regarded as weaker than non-Awakening skills so some players do not get the two skills. All other skills are used in combat, although some skills are less frequently used than other skills. The more frequently used skills have priority when all skills are off cooldown.


▲ Water splashing physics and the Sea Dragon.

◆ Recommended Awakening Skills 



◆ Most Frequently Used Skills

Tidal Burst is one the most frequently used skills. The skill can deal a large amount of damage when all animations hit, and also has useful skill effects. The skill has Super Armor and will recover HP per hit, so it will add to the Mystic’s survivability. In addition, the skill has a short cooldown (3 seconds) when maxed.

Burial at Sea is a skill where the Mystic leaps forward and bursts an air orb. The skill has Super Armor and Bound, and has a wide AoE. The skill doesn't start dealing damage instantly, but the distance that the Mystic covers is quite long so the Mystic can quickly approach enemies using this skill. Also, the skill can be upgraded with Martial Spirit Shards. The damage will increase with 10 Shards, and the Sea Dragon will be summoned with 30 Shards.

Flow: Burial at Sea is a skill that follows Burial at Sea and will enable additional attacks after Burial at Sea. Flow: Burial at Sea can be used by holding RMB after Burial at Sea. The skill will recover WP, and will inflict Down Smash so the Mystic can start a combo smoothly. The skill is acquirable at Level 57, and is one the most frequently used skills along with Tidal Burst.

Dragon's Pit can deal decent damage with a +100% critical hit buff, and the target will get attack/casting/movement speed debuffs. The skill is more powerful in PvP, as the debuffs are more effective in PvP than in PvE.

▲ The Sea Dragon is summoned when using Burial at Sea with 30 Martial Spirit Shards. 


◆ Less Frequently Used Skills

Spiral Torpedo can be used in non-awakening stance. The skill doesn’t deal massive damage, but can knock down enemies. The skill also gives an AP buff and HP recovery buff, so it is used as a support skill rather than a DPS skill. Use the skill in the middle of a combo for higher damage output.

Rapid Stream is a skill similar to Tidal Burst, where there are multiple animations within a skill. The skill is like an upgraded version of Elbow Edge. It will have Forward Guard, and will decrease enemies’ DP with the first and last hits. However, the skill cannot deal more damage than Tidal Burst, so in most cases the skill is canceled after the 2nd hit and is followed by Tidal Burst.


Rising Dragon is a skill where the Mystic smashes the ground and makes enemies float. The skill is used for WP recovery and DP debuff rather than for damage. The DP debuff is activated when the Mystic has 30 Martial Spirit Shards. The Mystic will consume 10 Shards, and summon the Sea Dragon to inflict the debuff on enemies. Rising Dragon also uses Black Spirit’s Rage. When the skill is used with Black Spirit’s Rage, the Sea Dragon spins to deal damage to enemies nearby.

Wave Orb is a skill that inflicts attack/casting/movement speed debuffs on enemies after a charging animation. It can deal a satisfactory amount of damage, but the “charging” animation is very slow and the skill can only hit the direction that the Mystic is looking at.

Flow: Wave Orb is available at level 59. The skill will Bound enemies on good hits, and the Mystic can use Flash Step once after the skill. The skill can also summon the Sea Dragon by using Martial Spirit Shards. The Sea Dragon will deal additional damage with a 100% critical hit chance.

▲ Rising Dragon with Black Spirit’s Rage. The Sea Dragon spins to deal damage to enemies nearby.


◆ Recommended skill add-ons for PvE



For maximum efficiency, skill add-ons should be added to the skills with short cooldowns. Below are the recommended skill add-on options for PvE.

Tidal Burst and Burial at Sea are the highly recommended skills for add-ons, as the two skills are used frequently. As you can see in the table above, both skills have PvE damage and Accuracy options. Skill add-on effects do not overlap, so each skill should have an add-on that the other skill does not have. Tidal Burst can give more Accuracy than Burial at Sea, so get Accuracy and WP recovery for Tidal Burst and get PvE damage and Critical hit chance for Burial at Sea.

Wave Orb is another good skill to add add-on effects to. Adding the attack speed buff and HP recovery will increase the Mystic’s survivability.

If you want more damage rather than survivability, add burn damage and bleeding damage to Spiral Torpedo. If you add pain damage to other skills (e.g. Rapid Stream for Awakening skill add-on, Elbow Edge or Roaring Tiger for non-Awakening skill add-on) you can deal burn, bleeding, and pain DoT at the same time. However, burn/bleeding/pain damage is more effective in PvP than in PvE.


▲ Tidal Burst can be used during cooldown, and can continuously get the Accuracy buff and WP recovery.


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