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Recommended Skill Build and Skill Add-ons for Mystic


The Mystic will be playable in Black Desert Online NA/EU as of December 13th. Since the Mystic is the female counterpart of the Striker, the two classes share a lot of common features, including skills. Other common features of the two classes are easy chain combos, and Martial Spirit Shards that can give additional buffs to other skills.

However, although they have a lot of common features, some of the Mystic’s skills have different mechanics compared to the Striker’s skills. The skills that have the same name and the same animation might have different damage percentage and/or skill effects. Also, the Mystic has some skills that are exclusive to her and have skill effects that the Striker does not have.

Below are the priority skills that you should get when you level up, along with recommended skill add-ons.


◆ Recommended Skill Build 



◆ Skills you should get first

Thunder Pound is the bread and butter of the Mystic. Thunder Pound is a skill that can deal massive damage and stun enemies at the same time, and also comes with Forward Guard and a short cooldown. The Combo skills that follows Thunder Pound are the Mystic’s primary damage dealing combo, but Combo: Hurricane is not used often.

Elbow Edge also has Forward Guard and can inflict CC (Stiffness), but the core element of the skill is a DP debuff. The skill is also a good skill to use to approach your targets whilst moving forward, and the following combo skills like Flow: Rib Crusher are powerful damage dealing skills. However, Flow: Tornado Kick is not used in a combo as the skill’s animation is too slow.

Soul Basher is a good skill to end a combo, or to use between two different combos as a connecting skill. The skill does not have a cooldown, and has a short and quick animation. Also, the skill can inflict Down Attack, which makes the skill more effective.

Flow: Prey Hunt is a must-have skill, as it upgrades Crouching Wolf, which is a skill that can pull enemies while giving an Attack Speed buff.

Other skills you should get are Mountain Aura for DP, Infinite Mastery for survivability, and Skilled Hunter for more PvE damage.


▲ Elbow Edge can decrease enemies' DP


◆ Not mandatory but useful skills

Twisted Collision is a fairly powerful skill, but some players do not prefer the skill as it makes the players float in the air for a moment, unable to deal any damage. However, the skills that follow Twisted Collision, Flow: Landslide (enemies’ evasion decreases) and Flow: Fatal Smash (enemies’ defense decreases) can inflict some useful debuffs on enemies.

Rage Hammer will pull enemies while also making them Bound. The AoE will increase with Flow: Prey Hunt.

Roaring Tiger can heal HP, and is usually used as the last skill within a combo. Roaring Tiger becomes more powerful when used with Black Spirit’s Rage. Sweeping Kick, which is another skill that can be used with Black Spirit’s Rage, is not frequently used.

Triple Flying Kick can increase Evasion and recover WP, although the skill cannot deal much damage.


▲ Rage Hammer's AoE increases when the skill is used with Flow: Prey Hunt.


◆ Skill Add-On

Pre-Awakening skills can have additional effects that strengthen the skill. The Below skill add-ons are for PvE, so you are not restricted to just these choices.

Add “Attack against monsters +20” to Thunder Pound, which is the most frequently used skill. The other add-ons are all for PvP, so you can choose Burn damage as another add-on.

Add Critical hit chance and Attack Speed for Soul Basher. As the skill does not have a cooldown, you will be able to get the add-on buffs whenever you want. For the last skill add-on, add Accuracy and HP recovery to Elbow Edge.


▲ Thunder Pound is the most frequently used pre-awakening skill and will increase the damage output greatly. 
▲ Soul Basher is a good skill to get different buffs in between combos.
▲ With the Accuracy buff and HP recovery, Elbow Edge will be a great skill that can initiate a combo.


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