The legendary moment from the OW Heroes Rumble: "we asked if they were recording comms and they said no!"

During the last day of the Overwatch Heroes Rumble, there was some downtime between matches. To pass the time, Blizzard decided to air what might be the funniest recording of Overwatch comms we have ever heard.

Recorded during an absurd exhibition match featuring 12 Torbjörn's hammering each other to death, 5 Mercy's supporting one Kephrii Widowmaker and other combinations of increasing ridiculousness, someone at Blizzard thought it would be a good idea to edit together this hilarious insight into what it sounds like when 6 pro's play together in such silly circumstances.

The clip in question starts at 3:50:27

The best part? The Pro's had no idea they were being recorded. I was watching the broadcast live in Taiwan, and it became clear from the backstage laughter and incredulous tones around the player lounge that this montage was a surprise for everyone. 

I turned to Kephrii and asked if they knew this was being recorded. As he watched 6 Sombra's stealth in unison on Hollywood, with a huge grin he responded:

"We had no idea this was being recorded. We even asked 'is this being recorded?' because sometimes that happens. They said 'oh no, no no'. I wouldn't have asked Mangachu how he watches porn if I knew!"

When I asked Mangachu, his response was the same:

"I had NO idea they were recording that. *laughs* I actually went into that match wanting to troll aKm as much as possible. I think I got him a little upset!"

Highlights from this montage include...

"This doesn't leave team chat"

"I play video games professionally, how about you guys?"

"You bitch! I was going to kill him!

"I'm going to put my fist in your butt"


If you play Overwatch, it is impossible to not smile when watching this exhibition match with comms included. Every Blizzard Overwatch event needs to take notes: this is easily the most entertaining bit "air-time-filler" Overwatch has ever seen.

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