[Photo journey] The Overwatch Heroes Rumble at Blizzard Estadium Taipei!

▲ Entering the 12th floor of the building, you are greeted with this mural-- you are in the right place!
▲ Blizzards new Estadium proudly list it's sponsors as you walk in.
▲ This is the first physical Blizzard loot store in Taiwan!
▲ Though Santa is not an official Blizzard character...yet.
▲ More Blizzard loot!
▲ The area where teams will gather to sign fan merchandise.
▲ Pacific Championship Overwatch t-shirt-- available in Taiwan!
▲ To start the event, the captains of each team were brought up.
▲ This group of Overwatch Cosplayers were fan favorites throughout the day.
▲ The crowd during the matches.
▲M17 after their victory, ready to meet fans.
▲ Kephrii of and his team of streamers had many souvenirs to sign.
▲ Oasis was all smiles whenever she met a fan!
▲ Case in point.
▲ There was an area for photos that many fans and cosplayers flocked to throughout the day.


▲ aKm during his 1v1 matches.
▲ Relieved that his team, Hong Kong Attitude defeated aKm!
▲ Interacting with fans seemed to make every pro player pretty happy.
▲Moowe signing a t-shirt.
▲ Moowe is a long time competitive force in the Pacific region
▲ The Frenchmen and the Henchmen meet fans!
▲ More signing!
▲HeyKatie was... very enthusiastic about getting himself signed by all the teams.
▲ 0_0
▲ MangGoJai after his press conference. He recalled details on his team's victory over aKm.
▲ Next up was Blank esports!
▲ Hus on stage.
▲ Sun_With_Face: clap made it to the 1v1 round and Mangachu had to face Trill.
▲ TFW Trill kills you in 1v1.
▲ TFW Trill kills you in 1v1 x2
▲ TFW when you kill Mangachu twice in 1v1.
▲ A hillarious moment during the duel when both Mei's froze each other in sync!
▲ These two pro players were having a great time during the wacky showmatch.
▲ Broadcasting live!
▲ Elk had many die hard fans show up to the event!
▲ Quite the popular player.
▲ Mangachu signing
▲ The crowd was getting a little rowdy-- everyone wanted a signature!
▲ Blizzard staff were selling merchandise throughout the event.
▲ The host of the event entertaining the stream audience between matches.
▲ Pacific region caster talent hard at work.
▲ That is a wrap for the first day of the tournament!


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