[LoL All-Star] LMS SwordArT : "I'm playing with a light mind, enjoying this competition."

On the December 9th (PST), LMS All-Stars defeated GPL All-Stars and advanced to the finals at the semifinals of the LoL All-Stars Event 2017. LMS best supporter, SwordArT, is showing incredible performance at the bottom lane with BeBe. We had an interview with SwordArT, who is competitive with diverse champions.


Below are the responses from the interview of the LMS All-Star support.SwordArT.

Q. Which team do you want to meet at the finals?

I want to meet LCK All-Stars. I want to play against the ‘Prilla’ duo, who is known for their synergy.

Q. LMS All-Stars bottom duo is very strong. What is different from playing in the bottom at FW?

This competition is important, but I’m playing with a lighter mind, with less pressure than FW. I think that’s the main reason. I try to enjoy this competition while playing.

Q. What are BeBe’s good points?

He is quick in making decisions and knows how to kill. I think that he is still good enough to stay as a player without retiring.

Q. Karsa is showing incredible performance. What do you think of him?

Karsa is a very aggressive player. He doesn’t miss chances and boosts the team when the chances come.

Q. You have a diverse pick of champions. This seems very advantageous in the current meta, what do you think?

Since there are 10 bans, there are situations when supporter champions get banned. I think it is good to play many different champions to deal with different situations.

Q. DPS supports like Xerath are being picked more and more, but you didn’t use it. What do you think of using this meta?

Dealers like Xerath is good, but if the opponent plays a champion like Leona, who is aggressive and has a strong CC, it would be difficult. I think it is good to pick afterwards as a counter. My favorite support champ is Tahm Kench. I can show steady performance in any situation.

Q. Before MSI or Worlds, you always placed high in support rankings. Did that give you any pressure?

I always feel pressure. So I always practice hard.

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