The new PUBG map Miramar will be available on December 8th



PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) has finally introduced the new map. This map will be available on the test server on December 8th.

PUBG Corporation revealed the new map Miramar at The Game Awards 2017 held at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles on December 7th. Miramar shows a very different environment compared to Erangel, with a bleak desert instead of a thick forest.

Players will traverse a barren wasteland covered with cactuses, dying weeds, and red earth while discovering new objects such as a railroad, train, and pickup trucks. Also, there will be a deserted skyscraper, massive shopping mall, small villages, warehouses, oil excavators, and cranes in metropolitan areas.

These metropolitan areas in the new map indicate that players need to come up with completely different strategies. Developers in the company are expecting to see players create new tactics and experience a new kind of Battle Royale. Meanwhile, PUBG announced the game’s official launch date to be December 20th.

The new map, Miramar


Los Leones

The biggest city in the map has shopping malls, skyscrapers, and a glorious city center. Players are to battle against each other by scavenging equipment from numerous construction sites and deserted commercial buildings.

El Pozo

The massive industrial and entertainment complex is located here. Players can establish a strategic point between debris in the factories.

Monte Nuevo

The ruined brick walls can make for some handy cover for players when they are venturing into the city and looking for equipment.

Valle Del Mar

A coastal village with a railroad crossing through the center. To the west of the railroad is an old school, and a church on the other side. The railroad is a very strategic part of the area as it is the only way out to the land.

La Cobreria

A switchyard in the faded industrial complex with cargo beds where many battles are likely to occur.

San Martin

A small village surrounded by checkpoints and walls is a good place for fierce fights. There are high hills to the left and right of the village where you can keep watch over the area.


It used to be the city of entertainment with a casino in the past, but it is now loved by many Battle Royale players since they have a high chance of acquiring good equipment here. Of course, the risk is also quite high. A stadium and hotel also exist.


The most famous fiber industrial complex in Miramar. Just like typical cities, there are houses and shops alongside the main street, and deserted factories are located on high ground, overlooking the whole complex. The chances of finding equipment are quite favorable, but of course, the risk is also high.


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