[LoL All-Star] KR Coach H-Dragon: “The players are under a lot of pressure representing their region… support us as much as you can.”


In the first day of All-Stars, Korea had a convincing win in the match against EU.

Although EU sOAZ showed an incredible play by constantly harassing CuVee, KR gained leads and initiative in other lanes around the map. By gaining leads elsewhere, KR pressed their advantage. Especially, Ignar’s pulls on Blitzcrank was sorrowfully countered by GorillA’s Tahm Kench. By denying the pick potential from the mid game and onwards, KR’s chances of winning became immensely skewed.

At OGN today, an interview was conducted over the phone with Coach H-Dragon. Below are the responses to the interview.

¤ Congratulations on the win. Any words to say hello to your fans?

Hello. I am H-Dragon and the coach for Jin Air Greenwings. I am relieved we got to win our first game. I think we won because of all the support our fans gave us. Thank you guys so much.

¤ How has it been staying in LA?

Since Riot has taken such good care of us, I have had no problems so far. I am having a good time staying with the players.

¤ There are a variety of photos being posted on SNS. How is the atmosphere with the players?

The players are not as distant as I thought. They talk really comfortably. We always eat together and we having a lot of fun. There is a lot of fun from the process of getting to know one another.

¤ In today’s game, CuVee died a lot. What did you guys discuss after the game?

We shook hands and I said “You did good. Good job.”.

¤ Did you give any seperate feedback?

It wasen’t like that (laughs)... Someone will always be a person to be responsible for something in a game and in today’s game it was CuVee. It was going to be inevitably difficult for CuVee because he picked Jayce 1st pick. Luckily, the other players played well in the other lanes and resulted in the win.

¤ Was there any disagreement between you and the players during picks/bans?

It was a somewhat picks/bans that we predicted. Because of this, we didn’t have much disagreement. In the last pick when EU picked Blitzcrank, we knew we had won. I thought prior that we would go even against Alistar or Leona. Because it was Blitzcrank, we won easily.

¤ Can you say some last words to your fans and your goals?

I believe this is an important position to be in representing each respective region. I am trying to the best of my ability to prepare for the upcoming games. Although the players are under a lot of pressure, the fans’ support will help alleviate that pressure. Since all of them are extremely talented players, they are going to show it through their performance. Therefore, I hope you guys can support us to the fullest.

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