[LoL All-Star] Bjergsen on NA: "I'll give the bold statement... We'll make it out of groups"

The All-Star match between NA and BR has come to an end. And during the game, NA had completely pushed BR with a kill-score of 20-3 before taking the victory for their region. 

There was no doubt that the player to contribute the most to the win was Bjergsen. By picking Zoe, the champion that Faker recently had deemed, "unbalanced", Bjergsen played the champion to his heart's content and stacked kills upon kills. 

After the match, Bjergsen was invited to an interview with Phreak - to share his feelings about the victory. 

Was it a mistake for Brazil to leave Zoe open?

I think I'll have to go with a yes. Zoe looks really strong. I obviously haven't played her enough to say if she's OP or not, but... this happens quite frequently where I see a Zoe get too many kills and does too much damage. She's a lot of fun as well. Strong champion and really fun, that's the best combo for me.

Including the coach, are you confident with your All-Star teammates?

I'm not sure about being "prepared" because I heard other teams have been scrimming for about a week or two, but we've played about... 4 games together? Getting to work with Ssong and MikeYeung for the first time has been very interesting. I haven't even met Ssong until yesterday, it's just been a really good time so far.

I think it's always interesting to play with "really good and smart" players from other teams such as Sneaky and Aphromoo, because you just learn about how other people communicate and think about the game. 

Is this the international event which TSM[or NA] finally makes it out of groups?

What about Rift Rivals....? (Laughs)

Uhm... Yeah, I'll give the bold statement... We'll make it out of groups.

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